Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #Peach

Haii, finally I can review this base, so busy with my work . Actually I have used this base since February, but already have time to make the review this month. This is my first make up base, I used my sister’s make up base from Make Over before. I though I should buy my own make up base haha. After blog-walking to find out the best make up base for me, I decided to try Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base.  This base comes in 3 shades, Mint Choux (Redness skin), Berry Choux ( Pale skin ) and Peach Choux ( Dull skin ). I chose the peach shade considering to my skin type.

The box comes in a sweet cute pink box. This base is from the sweet recipe range product, thats why the packaging design look sweet and yummy like pastry packaging . I really like the design and the color, stripes soft pink designed with lace.The box contains about the information and ingredients of the product. Expired time after opening this product is 18 months.

The packaging comes in a tube. The amount is 35gr and contains SPF 25 PA++ which is good applying this without bb cream as a sun block.  The texture is very creamy, smooth and look yummy, and has sweet scent that make u wanna eat this base . Even after applying this on my face I still can smell the scent.  

Compare to the previous packaging that come in a jar version, this tube packaging is more travel-friendly, simple and hygienic. But I think the jar version is more cute than the tube version. Do u agree with me? haha 

This base working well on my face, it brightens my skin and covers a little bit my redness. It tone up my skin haha. Since I have dry skin, this base dry my skin and give matte-finish, so I should moisture my skin before apply this base. Don’t too much apply this base, or u will look very pale and cakey on some area. I just take a little amount on my face and blend with my finger. 

After applying this base usually I will cover it with bb cream to get dewy-finish on my face. This base make my make up long lasting enough, which is good since I'm to lazy (dont have time) to touch up my make up.

-           Brighten my face
-            Sweet scent
-            Hygienic (comes in tube )
     Make my make up long-last enough

-           Dry my skin
-          Small size

      Repurchased? yess, I think this make up base suit on my face well. How about u? have u try this   base? Anyway thanks for reading, see u on next post.



  1. aku prnh cb sample nya ini yg mint tp d muka ku lengket" gt jd nga betah deh pakenya hehe

    1. mngkin beda shade beda jg yah klo uda di apply di muka, ak jg agak lengket pas pake yg shade Berry choux, tp pas pake shade Peach choux g lengket hehe

  2. Maybe you should apply to your hand, really brighten your hand skin XD
    Pricey base anyway -_-
    Nice review chuuk, welcome back LOL

    1. wkwkw sial -_- muka gue aja yg dikasih base, ntar habis klo tangan jg dikasih hahah
      hahah sempet2in ol buat publish review XD thanks for visiting poo :3

  3. i love all products from etude. i swear i fill my whole luggage up with their products every time i go asia ><

    1. haha yeah me too, most of my cosmetics are from Etude >3<


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