Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Circle Lens Vassen Lily 3 Tone Gray

Today I wanna review my new circle lenses Lily 3 Tone Gray. I got this baby from Airi's Circle Lens Giveaway feat LoveShoppingholics. Yayy, Jumping when I knew that Im the winner. At first I have some trouble with my email address, coz I forgot my old email. I need to confirm through my email. Then I message Airi on Facebook message. Airi is really kind person ^^ that help and give me chance to win this. Thanks Airi and LoveShoppingholics . This giveaway let me to choose any circle lenses that are sold on LoveShoppingholics. Because I want gray  lens so I chose these lenses. 

  Giveaway banner

On 23rd April, Airi informed me that my package already shipped by LoveShoppingholics. Cant wait my package arrived home XD. about 3 weeks, the package arrived. The package is wrapped neatly.

When I opened the package, I found the lenses were wrapped neatly with cute bunny plastic wrap.
 Inside the plastic wrap, the lens still wrapped with purple fabric wrap, woaa so cute

 Inside the fabric wrap, there are the lenses, free soft lenses case and Thank You card.

From the card, LoveShoppingholics congrats me as the giveaway winner ^^ So cute . And I should thanks back for this lens . Thank you LoveShoppingHolics 


The package comes in vial bottles, just like usual Korean softlense product. I had a hard time when trying to open this haha, but after blog-walking how to open safely, finally I know the way.





Lens info :
  Brand                 : Vassen
  Origin                : Korea
Diameter            : 14.5mm
  Water Content     : 42%
Base Curve         : 8.6mm
Life Span           : 1 year disposal
  Price                 : USD 25.92 ( Click Here )

Color and design  

I really like the color. the brown-grayish tone suit with my face. haha The pattern is simple and without thick black outline around the lenses, so it will look natural on me. The grey tone is not too visible on my eyes, the brown tone is more dominant on my eyes. But when in the outdoor the grey tone is noticeable. The color make me a little bit confused to differentiate which one the inside and the outside color. Because the color is almost same both the inside and outside. But its not a big problem for me, since I really like the color and the design ^^ and I can differentiate if I look the lens closely and carefully.


I think these lenses are very thin and comfortable for me. I ever used this for about 8 hours without dropping tear drop, and I still feel comfort with these lenses.  Ahhh really love these lenses. Since Im very lazy for dropping eye-drops, I thinks these lenses are suit with me.  


It stated 14.5 mm, so it almost the  same size with our eyes size. These are perfect if u don't want to make dolly eyes effect. It look natural on me, so I can wear this when working.


I really love this lens, hehe comfortable and nice color. Though this lenses didnt make dolly effect it still make me cute and sometimes give sexy-look XD

I edited the brightness to get the color that close with the real color of the lenses.

Here is the tip to open the vial safely without hurting your fingers.

First, I used nail cutter to open the plastic cap.

And then I used scissors to open the aluminum cap, do it carefully. 
I hope this tip will help you ^^ 

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