Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Cathy Doll Sexy Curl Mascara

, another Cathy Doll review. Today I wanna review Cathy Doll Sexy Curl Mascara. Yeah another cute make up that I have. Lol. I rarely use mascara for everyday make up, because Im afraid that my eyelashes will fall when removing it and irritating my eyes since my eyes are really sensitive with eye make up such as mascara and eye liner. I just use when going for hanging out with friends or attending to a party. I used Maybelline mascara before, and it’s too waterproof for me. I hate waterproof mascara lol.

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Dolly Long : X4 longest
Pretty Volume : Double volume
Sexy Curl : Super curl
When seeing Cathy Doll products range I found this cute mascara. There are 3 variants of this mascara: 1. Dolly Long Mascara, 2. Pretty Volume Mascara and 3. Sexy Curly Mascara. I chose the Sexy Curl Mascara because it comes in cute pink and purple pastel color. :D.

It comes in a hard plastic case, just like Dolly Wink package maybe. The front package there is a girl animation who has super curl mascara, really cute right? It says : super curl, 100% sexy black, waterproof and all day longwear. And on the back package is written the ingredient and picture of how to use this mascara.

As I said before, the packaging is really cute, comes in pink and purple pastel color. Its waterproof mascara :O omg, but it easy to remove and didn’t make my lashes fall. Yay :D. This mascara also long lasting, yeah two thumbs up for this cute baby :*. Just like the description on the package, already proof that.
The brush is a little bit curve, it maybe typically for curl brushes. Cause of this shape, it difficult when applying on my lower last. The brush tip is not pointed enough to reach my short lower lashes, or just me who cant apply mascara well lol

My lashes are short, surprisingly this mascara makes my upper and lower lashes long, curl and volume and didnt feel clump at all. Without false eyelashes my lashes are noticeable only by applying this mascara. But sometimes my tip lower and upper lashes stick together when blinked my eyes. Thats too bad . But overall I love this mascara, considering my sensitive eyes. Waterproof but easy to remove only with toner and it also smudged-proof.

-         Cute package
-          Curl my lashes
-         Volumes my lashes
-          Easy to remove
-          Long lasting

-           Not Affordable
  Make my lower and upper lashes stick together sometimes
Repurchased? Yeah I wanna collect the other variants hehe.


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