Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream #3

Today, Im reviewing a cute hand cream from The Face Shop. Though I don't really need a hand cream, but this baby is too adorable. Thats why I bought this hand cream. There are 4 scent choices for this product #01 Baby Powder #02 Sweet Fruits #03 White Floral and #04 Fruity Floral. Actually I ordered the Fruity Floral ones, but the seller said it was already out of stock, then I chose White Floral.
image from google

But when my packaged arrived home, Im a little bit shocked ah noo  Im very very shock . This hand cream is really tiny , omg. Some people will think its a travel friendly, but for me its too tiny.
Look! how tiny the product is My hand is already tiny but the product is tinier than my hand. omg

The bottom of the product there is a sticker contains product information and if u open the sticker u can find the product's ingredients.

The amount is 30 ml. This hand cream claims that it's high moisture, Zero stickiness, Excellent absorbance. And also light texture but contains high moisture, high nutrition that cares for hands, keeping them soft and silky. And yeah that's true, the cream is not sticky at all and absorb quickly when apply on my hand.

The scent is not too strong, but has a very nice scent of flower scent. The scent isn't too long lasting I think. The smell will go after a few hours. hmm need to apply recently. But its ok.


image  Cute packaging
image  Sweet scent
image  Not sticky


image Tiny size
image Not long last

Repurchased? Hmm $7 just for tiny product? noo. Anyway I just recommended this product for people who seek a cute stuffs. For me its expensive for tiny and usual cream without any whitening or other benefits, better I will buy lips product lol XD . But actually I wanna collect all of the scents coz they are really cute. Hope I can find an online shop with good price . Haha anyway thanks for reading ^^. 


  1. good good, review ini hanya fokus pada gambar dan emoticon wkwkwk

    aku mau poo wadahnyaaaa XD


    1. haha iya kak :3 soalnya g bs transfer baunya, jd banyakin gbr yg unyu aja :D iya poo wadahnya bagus,

  2. Kalo wadahnya niat dijual kabarin donk.. XD


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