Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask, have ever tried or heard this brand before? This is my first time trying the mask and I do really love it. So, today Im gonna share the review to all of you.

Before using this, my skin condition is really dry. Yeah because I was sick more than a week and didnt have energy for treating my skin with any skincare at all T.T . So my face was really dry and looked dull at that time. Gladly after fully recovering, I try this to help restoring my skin moisture. Here I got the #Blue sheet mask which is formulated for moisturizing the skin. 

There are 3 kinds of Blooming Cell - Dual Effect mask: 
🐳 Blue is for Moisturizing 
🌡 Green is for Brightening 
🌹 Red is for Lifting

The mask sheet set comes in a blue silver glossy box. Inside we can get 5 mask sheets. It also has cute packaging which is different with usual mask sheet packaging. Everything about the products we can find in the packaging and are written in Hangul Korean T.T 

What I really love about this mask is that its formulated with highy doses of active ingredients ( Portulaca extract, honey extract, aloe vera, glasswort extract, camelia extract ) for skin health. Its such a kind and gently mask sheet without harmful substances ( no paraben, no mineral oil, no fragrance, no alcohol, no pigment, no benzophenone, etc ). And another things that I love are: 
🌷 Premium Mask sheet made by skin care expert 
🌷 Containing 35ml of highly enriched milky essence 
🌷 Strenghtening skin barrier with Ceramide abstract 
🌷 Excellent adhesion to skin, 100% cotton ultra-fine sheet 

How to use the mask? actually we can just put it directly on face after cleansing our face. But I try the tip that they give to make the mask sheet works effectively on my skin. 

How to: 
1. Exfoliate our skin first before applying Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask, since the thick keratine would hinder absorbing effective ingredients of the mask. 
2.  Sooth our skin with toner.
3.  Apply the Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask.
4. Take off mask sheet after 10-20 minutes, and lets the skin absorb the remaining essence.

During the masking, we can use the time for reading or listening to the music. Just dont use the mask more than 20minutes. Anw I do really impressed how thick the mask sheet is. Comparing with other mask sheets I've ever tried, this mask is really thick and comfortable to wear. The size is small and fits well on my small face.

After taking off the mask, I feel directly the moisturizing effect. It makes my skin glowing aswell. There are stil so much essence left on my face, so I usually massage for a while to get the remaining essence to absorb well. Since it still has so much remaining essence, its good to apply it on my body too. ✨✨

The next morning after using the mask as my pm skincare routine, my face still stay moist and glowing after waking up. So its not require us to use the mask everyday. 2-3 times a week is already good enough to get glowing and moist skin. I think this is the mask sheet I've ever tried. 

Love : 

🌹 Moisturizing and glowing the skin
🌹 Contains much essence 
🌹 100% cotton sheet 
🌹 Contains Ceramide 

Hate : 

πŸ₯€ none 

Where to Buy : 
Price : 
Rp 270.000


  1. Yess.. I agree with you! this mask also always leaves my face feeling so calm and nourished.

  2. wah aku baru tahu produk ini, sepertinya menarik untuk dicoba. terima kasih informasinya ya kak :)

  3. Glowing banget afternya ya beb, super suka kalau udh ngebahas sheet mask, bikin relax wajah yang lelah

    1. iyaa, bneran bkin glowing n lembab maskernya hehe

  4. waaah aku belum prnah cobai sheet mask ini nih, ku jadi penasaran deh pengen cobain juga, kemaren kemaren kayanya ada yang warna merahnya juga ya beb, bingung mau coba yang mana dulu heheheh

  5. Essencenya cukup banyak yaaa. KAdang aku suka simpen atau pakai buat di tangan, lengan dan kaki hehehe. Sayang soalnyaaa

    1. iya bnyk bgt essence nya, ak jg pake buat di badan sisanya

  6. whoa langsung keliatan efeknya ya beb pas di foto afternya, mantep juga nih efeknya masih glowing buat 2-3 hari ini racun baru

  7. Pertama liat packagingnya unik banget kayak obat gitu hehe
    Aku penasaran sama Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask ini soalnya dia bikin glowing juga yaa Beb

  8. Aku kira tadi ini mediheal beb, eh taunya BLOOMING CELL DUAL EFFECT MASK . Pecinta sheet mask sejati sepertinya kudu nyobain ya beb .

  9. ini dari charis yaa? penasaran banget sama produknya. tebal banget ya buat ukuran sheetmaskk

  10. The sheet is indeed thick! Always love calming mask with wonderful active ingredients like this one.

  11. Mask sheetnya essencenya masih nyisa banyak ya setelah penggunaan. Aku juga seneng banget loh klo habis pake sheet mask gini muka rasanya kenyel2.

  12. masknya tebel sekaliiiii, aku kurang suka sama tissue yang tebel gitu karena berasanya lama menyerap. hmm tapi karena ini buat mouisturize aku jd kepo sih sejujurnya kwkw

    1. Malah bisa nampung essence yg bnyk klo tebel gini ga sih?

  13. Salah satu masker yang bisa dicoba aku baru tahu ya sama brand satu ini ya, sepertinya banyak yang merekomendasikan nya ya

  14. Uwaaw~
    Efeknya bener langsung keliatan yaa...
    Syukaa sekali...

    Lihat harganya, wonder yaa...

    1. Haha iya. Tp worth kn segitu dpt 5 sheet mask hehe

  15. Aku suka banget juga pake ini, asli sih seenak itu masker ini.


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