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G9Skin First V-Fit Lipsticks, I got them few days ago and tried them right away coz I was so excited when got them haha. I got this from G9Skin_global and Berrisom_global for review purpose, so I will share my honest review here. 

They sent me all the shades of the lipsticks. Im so glad that I can try these new lipsticks collection from G9Skin. 


All of you must be fall in love when seeing the packaging for the first time. I've never seen the prettiest packaging like this. Somehow its gold but sometimes it looks rosegold, make me confused which one is the right color haha. 

The other unique thing about this lipstick is that how to open the lipstick bullet. We need to push the top of the cap the the lipstick will come out from the bottom. Then we pull the lipstick out. But we dont need to worry, the lipstick stil lock tightly and securely. 


It has six shades, range color are red, orange and brown. The bullet color lipsticks have exact color when they are swatches on hand and applied on lips. The shades' name also very represent the lipsticks' color pay off. All the shades are very pigmented with only once apply. Im really surprised how they can covered my lips with one swatch. 

#1 Clear Red : a bright red color 
#2 True Red : a deep bold red color with a little hint of pink color
#3 Flash Orange : a fresh red orangish color
#4 Coral Rose : a coral peach rose color, mlbb color ⭐️
#5 Orange Brown : a coral shade with brownish hint, mlbb color ⭐️
#6 Rich Brick : a deep red-brownish color ⭐️ 

⭐️ my favorite shades

Talking about the texture, its very smooth, creamy and glides smoothly on my lips. It has semi-matte finish and doesnt dry my lips. It has light feeling, like we dont wear any lipstick product, though I applied it more layers. 


Since its a lipstick so we cant expect much about how waterproof and kissproof the product is. Sadly yes, its doesnt kissproof , it transproof everytime I touch my lips ( remember this is not lip tint , so its tolerable for me ). 

But the great thing is, it doesnt wash off completely everytime I wash my face, drink and even eat. Wow Im so amazed. The bold shades can last up to 8hours. I wear and test them, wore them and till I finished working the lipstick stil stay on lips. Ummm it stains just like when Im wearing tints on my lips. I forget to take pic, later I will update with the photo after 8 hours usage. 

anw so here are the swatches of all the shades. I apply them for gradient and full lips. 

I also try to make ombre lips using shade #4 and #6 , and it turns out really pretty. 

Overall, I do really love G9Skin First V-Fit Lipstick. All the shade are so pretty and super pigmented. 

Love : 
🌷 Pretty packaging
🌷 Pigmented
🌷 Semi-matte finish
🌷 Stain stays longer

Hate : 
🥀 none 

Which one is you fav shade? tell me in the comment below 💕

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  1. naksir orange brown nya :) btw ternyata nggak sepigmented pas di bullet ya

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  3. banyak banget lipstik-nya.. jadi pengen, mana warnanya bagus-bagus lagi kak.. suka yang warna rich brick nya..

  4. Cantik banget dari segi packaging sampai yang pakai hehehe.
    Warnanya juga cocok semua kamu pakai :)

  5. Aku teracuni yang coral rose nya warnanya cakep banget netral gitu deh kalo dipake event apa aja

  6. I pick number #1 Clear Red. I will think about it, Buy or Not..Buy or Not..ahahaha..all colors are gorgeous. And i same to you, love G9Skin First V-Fit Lipsticks packaging, look expenses

  7. Yang flash orange warnanya bagus iih �� tapi sayangnya ga transferproof yaah XD

  8. Packagingnya bagus yah , btw si clear rednya bagus deh dan di kamu juga semua shadenya cocok

  9. Packagingnya cakep ya, btw aku suka shade 02 yang true red ��

  10. Aku salfok sama packagingnya mana warnanya juga cantik-cantik semua ih, cocok dipake kakak semuanya

  11. Wah racun banget ini mah, dan looksnya itu loh cakepsss dan tetap terlihat naturall, must havee bangett:)

  12. Suka yang nomor 5 Kaka, orange brown, kayaknya mendekati natural ya. Alami gitu. Bibir jadi lebih berwarna aja tapi lembut dan kelihatan lebih sehat.

  13. Long last lipsticks are my favourite Love these colours Great review Thanks babe xoxo Cris

  14. I love the shades and the packaging. Thanks for the review!

    Only Yesterday


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