Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cosplay Project: Umaru Chan Cosplay

image I dunno why recently, finally I have some free time to enjoy watching anime again haha. Lately too much watching Korean drama. Anyway I like to watch anime since elementary school, till now I still enjoy watching anime and wanna start to collect manga too ( I dont remember where I put my old manga collection, maybe my mom threw them away T.T ).

Some of my friends think that I love Korean more than Japanese stuffs , since they know that I'm watching K-drama too much and often buying and using Korean product ( I use some Japan makeup brand too actually but not many >3< ). But actually I'm more into Japanese instead of Korean things XD haha. 

I often to go to Japanese Festival at my town, its such a small fest that is usually held by some high schools. So I never expect too much when coming to this such event, but coming to event that had the same interest is really fun ^^. I really enjoy everything there, from the foods and the people who cosplay some anime characters. Sometime I think that I wanna cosplay too but ohh well am I too old and I'm not that cute to do that haha XD I'm kinda jealous when looking at people look cute and awesome when  cosplaying. 

So I decide to make a cosplay project for me, I wanna try with the simple one first. So I just to make Umaru Chan cosplay from Himouto! Umaru chan ^^ Some of you must already know this cute character ^^. There are so many versions for cosplaying as Umaru Chan, all of them are so cute and hard to get hhaha. Anyway I wont join some cosplay competition, I just do this purely for fun and collection XD haha

1. Lazy Chibi Umaru

This is the cutest version of Umaru XD. She always acts lazy ,eat junk food and drink cola at home  XD She obsesses with video games, watching anime and reading comic all the time till morning comes XD. It always make me laugh a lot everytime she throws a tantrum to her onii-chan. haha. This is the simplest character to make, I just need a long-sleeve t-shirt, red pants and hamsters cloak.

2. Umaru in School Uniform

This is also simple to cosplay this version.

3. Kimono

This version is so kawaii >3< and the most expensive to make or to buy the kimono. I really wanna cosplay this >///<

4. UMR

Umaru wear this costume every time she goes to Game arcade, She is known as UMR.

I want try one of them, the simple one. Actually I really want the kimono version XD but its really expensive. The only way is to make my own kimono haha. But the important/ base thing is choose the perfect wig fo Umaru's cosplay. So far I've already placed an order for the wig and the hamster cloak. I wish I can make it >3< haha.

Have u ever been cosplaying some of ur fav characters? lets share ur experience below the comment, I'd like to know it >///< .

See yaaa~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. ahhh so excited for your cosplay >3< make sure to post loads of photos :))
    The only coslpay I did so far is Aoba from Dramatical Murder, but I might redo it soon :3
    And I totally feel you, I am watching so many kdramas lately too, I barely have time to catch up with my favorite animes ><

    1. ah Aoba >3< thats must be cool.
      sure hope I can make it for Umaru cosplay ^^
      yeahh, I need to watch anime more than kdramas now haha


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  3. wish you luck on your first cosplay :> I used to do this a tiny little bit when I was younger but now I don't have much time :( still, very excited for you! x

    1. Thank you ^^ actually I dont have much time to do stuff like this also T.T so busy with my full time job TT.TT

  4. Waaaaaa It's so cuteeee <3
    I love this <3

  5. Oh god, I just love this anime! One of the best I´ve ever seen in my life! (: Today I got a T-shirt which I made myself and it´s really, really cuuute! ♡

    ♡ Recent Beauty Loves ♡

    1. I really love ur Umaru shirt that u posted on ur blog ^^

  6. Amazing post! :)
    I following your blog now, please follow me back ;)

  7. I've actually been slacking on watching k-dramas and been binge watching a lot of animes haha :P I LOVE UMARU-CHANNNNNNNN~ <3 She is basically me besides the gaming. It's a shame that i don't have blonde hair anymore so I can't even cosplay as her >.< I've never actually cosplayed as anyone before bc I'm just so lazy to gather an outfit, but if there's a character I want to cosplay as, it'd probably be from World Trigger; that anime is so badasssssss <3

    Remember to post loads of pictures from the event!!! :D

    1. haha me too, Im just lazy around when at home XD wawa cosplay from world Trigger must be really cool >3<
      haha sure ^^ thanks for stopping by Kelly ^^

  8. so cute.. aku jadi inget banget sama film ini soalnya kocak banget.. hhe


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