Sunday, February 28, 2016

100% Human Hair Products on

image have you read my previous post of my February haul? I bought a wig, since I need wig for review purpose ( when I had bad hair, I would prefer to wear wig >3< ).  Now I begin to collect or at least buy some more wigs for me. 

So today I wanna introduce an amazing online shop that sold  100% human hair products: Mofain,  it is an online store based in China. They sold a wide assortment of good-quality products, which includes full lace wigs, lace front wigs, hair extensions, hair wefts, hair pieces, etc. All the hair products are made with 100% of virgin and remi human hair. They offer high quality products and at cheaper prices of their human hair product and the best thing is they also offer free worldwide shipping. what a good deal ^^ You can also ask for custom-made service for the style that they dont have in the store.

You can find many kind of hair weave there. There are a wide range of choices from different color, length, texture and style of hair product that you want. Their products feature in high quality, unique style, diverse sizes and reasonable prices.

hair wefts

Their cheap hair wefts are made with 100% human hair and comes in different styles ( wave, curly and straight ), color and length. Imo the popular one is the Brazilian Hair Wefts, it looks really thick and natural. It is really popular among the black women, it become the best selling product on Mofain. The hair wefts extension has high quality hair texture. It is also shed - free and tangled - free, it will make you look natural and elegant. 

 human hair wig 

Their human hair wig catch my attention the most ^^ since I'm curios with wigs recently ^^. All the wig also give natural look and look like a real hair. Many kind of celebrities human hair wigs sold at Mofain ( Rihanna, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and many more ^^ ). They made with high quality material, shed -free and tangle - free. You can also restyle them if you want. They are not only selling human hair wig but also cosplay wig.

So what do you think about this store?  If you are looking for a perfect human hair products, you can check their website. ^^


See yaa~~~ on my next post ^^


  1. Looks really to try =D hehe But my boyfriend don't like me to use human hair XD


    1. haha I see real hair is better XD usually men dont like us wearing wig or fake hair XD

  2. Hey, hübscher Blog, mag den Rosastil sehr gerne<3
    Habe dich abonniert, wäre sehr nett wenn du das bei mir auch machen könntest:)
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Celebrity tends to wear wigs and fools us thinking they grow their hair so fast :D Must be fun to wear one someday!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  4. Looks great! xo

  5. Ohn god!!! Thanks a lot for sharing because I didn't know about this kind of products :o So interesting!!!!

    I'm following you via GFC. Can you follow me back, please? :D

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  6. aku kok malah takut ya put kalau dari rambut asli gitu. takut kalau yang punya rambut udah meninggal, terus malah didatengin. wahahaha ada-ada aja ya -___-

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