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COSRX LIP SCRUB, COSRX PROPOLIS SLEEPING MASK, COSRX CERAMIDE SLEEPING MASK AND COSRX LIP PLUMPER are my recent lip care products to get a luscious, plumpy and healthy lips. 

I have super dry and chaps lips. When its too dry my lips often get bleeding 😭 I’ve tried some lip balms/ masks but they don’t help much. 

Fortunately I tried these lip care products from Cosrx: Lip sleeping mask Propolis, Lip sleeping mask Ceramide, Lip Scrub and Lip Plump

In a week I have used them religiously, I really love the result after using them. No more dry and chaps lips. My lips get more plumpy, moist and soft all the day. 

COSRX Full Fit Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

This sugar lips scrub can exfoliate & moisturize, even for sensitive lips. This helps smoothing and preparing lips for the pre-lipstick application by buffing away dead skin cells, leaving lips smooth and ready for flawless color application. 

The sugar crystals is super tiny and didnt hurt the lips at all. It taste really sweet when I accidentally lick my lips😅

Usually I will apply the Propolis lips mask before and after exfoliating with this lip scrub. 

COSRX Lip Sleep Special Ceramide Kit

The sleeping mask kit comes along with free toner gift. This Ceramide kit contains COSRX Balancium Ceramide Lip Butter Sleeping Mask and COSRX CICA Toner. 

Ceramide is effective ingredients that soothes and strengthens skin to leave it healthier and more resilient.

It has buttery and non-sticky texture. Colorless and scentless are plus points about this lip mask so it will be pretty comfy to apply. 

I just need to apply a little amount of the mask, a rice seed size is enough to cover the whole lips. It leaves my lips look healthy since applying till the next day. There are some bumps and redness on my upper lips, after applying this ceramide lip mask, my irritated lip get better and look healthier. The Ceramide helps taking care and fix my lips skin barrier. 

COSRX Lip Sleep Special Propolis Kit

The propolis kit contains Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Lip Sleeping Mask and Propolis Toner in mini size. The Propolis Lip Mask is formulated with high content of propolis extract, which instantly replenishes and nourishes lips.

It has rich and non-sticky texture, which can melt and absorb easily when applying on the lips. It has different texture compare with the Ceramide one. Personally I prefer this Propolis lip mask. 

I love how it keep my lips super moist after few days. My chaps and flaky lips are gone. At night I apply this as sleeping mask and I also apply this throughout the days as lip balm. 

COSRX Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Lip Plumper

For the final touch or if I wanna add the volume or plumpy look on my lips, I will apply this Lip Plumper. Not only volumizing the lips, it also smooths and hydrates the lips. 

It has a Gel cream textured lip treatment so it can be easily scooped and applied with fingertips. It give a tingling sensation which is normal for lip plumping products ( caused by Vanillyl Butyl Ether). 

My lips are already thick, but I can see the difference after applying this, my upper lips get thicker and plumpy. After a while applying this, usually I will apply a color lip balm or tint on my lips. 

Here is my current lips condition after using them regularly days and nights. 

This Cosrx lips products can be bought at Stylekorean ( link in my bio ). Use code: COSRXLIP for 10% off. 


Expiry Date: 9th of October, 2021

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  1. Nice review, lengkap dan detail, kliatan juga hasil pemakaian nya bibir jd plumpy

  2. Gemes banget packagingnya. Hasilnya juga oke yaa

  3. Pas bamgett sih ini aku lagi cari buat cerahin binir baru tau cosrx ada produk buat lips juga

  4. wah naksir banget nih sama lip scrubnya wah kayaknya masuk wishlist deh ini

  5. aku tu suka banget sama bibir kamu put, seksiiii hahahaa ternyata perawatannya juga oke ya makanya bibir kamu sehat gitu <3 luvvv

  6. fix aku makin penasaran sama lips sleeping masknya cosrx, wishlist aku banget

  7. Kemasannya gemoy & jenisnya juga lengkap banget ya jd mupeng ini

  8. Selekgkap iniii perawatan bibir ya ternyata, keren banget cosrx bisa nyediain yg selama ini kita cari

  9. huhu sama bibirku juga kering dan pecah-pecah. btw ini packagingnya lucu banget siih jar jar gituuu

  10. Wishlist aku banget lip sleeping mask nyaa😁 penasaran semua


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