Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hi everyone, today I'm going to share another lips product :Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet. #10 Dry Rose Brown. This is my second shade that I have from my Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Collection, I've already reviewed it too here.

This is one of their new shade collection, so I'm really excited to try this color. The dry rose brown looks so tempting in the promotional picture and really my kind of lips color. 


I wont talk more about the packaging here, as u know its typically of Peripera ink product and totally super cute. Many people get it wrong as a real ink containers everytime they see it lol.

Color and Pigmentation

This is a MLBB color in Ink Airy Velvet collection, it looks a bit dark pink brown shade in the promotional pic, but the actual shade when applying on my lips is a bit lighter shade. Its really pretty and kind of unique to me. I think I've never had lips product with this shade haha.  Its more pink purplish on me. It has the same color after the tint sets as the stain. It also has nice scent, compare with the Elf Light Rose shade, this has better scent.

The pigmentation is good, only with one swatch we can make a beautiful gradient lips, but I prefer full lips using this shade. It looks tempting and sexy wearing this. This shade is also perfect for blusher. To achieve igari or cute makeup you can use it as a blusher.


As I said from my previous review about this product. It has lightweight formula and really smooth when applying it on my lips. It has matte finish. It dries my lips a little but still tolerable, so make sure to do lip scrub before to lessen the dryness and chapped lips. And it works on me, it looks better after Im scrubbing my lips first XD

Staying Power

Surprisingly it stays longer on me than the Elf Light Rose shade, which fade away easily after having meal or drink. I brought this on my one day trip, had breakfast and lunch with greasy food but this tint stayed still beautifully and only fade a little so I didnt need to retouch often when I was on vacation. As I remember, I just retouched once after 7 hours and it stayed till night.

Love :

image cute packaging
image pretty shade
image long lasting
image can be used as a blusher

Hate :

image dried my lips a little

I highly recommend this  product who love matte lips product that has great pigmentation and staying power. You can go to my HiCharis Shop to purchase this product with special price from me ( $7.99 from $12 ). Dont worry the products are sent directly from Korea and its pretty fast shipping compare with others.

Product Name
Peripera Ink Airy Velvet 

Where to Buy

$ 7.99


see yaa ~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. Jesus, this shade is so pretty! I have to get one too ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭*

    Blog de la Licorne

    1. Yeah its really pretty .u should try this out ^^

  2. How cute is the packaging!

  3. I both have these exact shame shades from Peripera. Among all their lip products, the Airy Velvet are my favorite. Great review!

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  4. Great pictures and review, thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  5. Hi! omg i just discovered your blog and i love it!
    i always have wanted to try peri pera lipsticks the colours
    are super pretty!! love how it looks on you :)
    i am following your blog now, hope you can follow me back ^^ would love to keep in touch!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. thank you ^^, you should try this product, they have such lovely and pretty shades
      followed u back ^^

  6. Beautiful color!

  7. Great review. The color is so beautiful.

  8. It looks very cute, I'll go for it because I love long lasting products ^^

    Freak Muffin Blog

  9. Cocok banget di kamu peripera ink yang rose...pengen beli, tapi takut ga cocok sama tipe tipe ink gini soalnya bibirku coklat hihi, jadi cuma bisa liat orang doang kayanya bagus banget :')) #KBBVmember

  10. It looks pretty on your lips and I do agree that the packaging is super cute 😆

  11. Warnanya cantik. Aku suka banget. Aku senang dengan cara penulisan kakak dan informasi yang diberikan juga bermanfaat dan tulisannya ga ngebosenin. Sukses terus ya kak♥️

  12. Beb kamu klo pake lip tint selalu bagus ya hasil nya. Ini warna nya cakep banget pas di skintone kamuu. Sukaaa..

  13. kamu mah bibirnya seksi jaid pake apa juga bagus hasilnya :( btw aku beli yang mini cabin loh, lucu hehehee

  14. Ini produk emang bagus banget pernah nyobain dulu pas lagi hype, btw kak cakep banget sih makeup nya sukaa

  15. waaah ini sih produk kecintaan aku banget beb, emang cakep cakep sih ya warnanya tu, semuanya bagus pas di pake di bibirnya hehe

  16. Peripera ini memang jadi andalan banget ya apalagi bentuk kemasannya juga lucu, gemesin banget ya

  17. Hasilnya memang menyesuaikan sama orangnya yang make yaa..
    Keliatan cerah ceria, bebh...

  18. Oh asli Korea ya :D Bagus dan tetep awet bisa sampai berjam2 gtu ya meski dipakai makan juga :D
    Kemasannya lucu banget mbak. Pilihan warnanya jg bagus, soft gtu ya, aku suka :D

  19. The packaging is indeed cute and I think I also love the shades. They come with many, I believe. But the ones that you tried are super lovely

  20. naksir yg dry rose brown, warnanya cute. Belum pernah nyoba peripera tapi banyak yg bilang bagus dan longstay, penasaran :)

  21. Ini produknya banyak banget yang suka dan emang warnanya lucu-lucu yaa

  22. Beb kamu klo pake lip tint selalu bagus ya hasil nya , ibirnya bagus bgt huhu . Ini warna nya cakepjuga nih jd pas dikamuu beb

  23. omg rose brown tipe shade kesukaanku banget, seingetku aku juga punya shade peripera yang ini

  24. Warnanya cakep beneeer beb, cocok banget sama tone kulitmu jadi bikin makin cantik. Beb kalo dah kebanyakan lip tint lucu2 gitu di preloved dong beb heehehe ku mauuuuk

  25. tersuka dengan dry rose brown nih kak, trus unik ya itu aplikator nya bengkok hehe. Jadi mau beli purchase nih ka, trus pas banget d wajah kaka, jadi makin cute

  26. Warna dry rose ini kalau di aku kayaknya bakalan pucat banget dan warna ini cocok banget di ombre ama warna merah ya.


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