Sunday, August 19, 2018


Hi everyone, today post is not about beauty or fashion but i think it has a lil bit concern about health. Any of you has sensitive skin and extreme allergies, yeah u r in the right place to find the solution. Im going to introduce you a bedding online store that sells silk bedding and silk sleepwear: Freedomsilk

The creator of FreedomSilk was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk bedding. She found out the best manufacturer of silk in China for the highest grade, 100% pure, all-natural silk with luxurious and durable weight. The best silk possible for the skin, completely free toxins and allergen. The result was dramatic and immediate, this method worked well on her. Thats why she created freedomsilk to give best solution for us who have the same concern as her. 

There are tons of bedding products in Freedomsilk. All their products are 100% grade 6A Mulberry silk and has OEKO certified for non toxic dyes. Its worldwide shipping and free shipping on order over $40. Any luxury silk bedding, sleepwear, and bedding accessories we can find there.  

It got many good reviews from customers. They said its very soft and comfortable without being extra slippery. The sheets gives cool feeling that make it perfect and comfy for summer time. It available in many color choices and different size for our bed. 

Not only silk bedding, we can also purchase elegant and luxurious silk nightgowns here. Any kind of sexy and cute nightgowns with the best silk material. 

They are such attractive and lovely nightgowns. They have great shape and quality of silk. Also have sexy and sweet design with lace and ruffles detail which I really love. It will feel sexy and flattering wearing this for sleep. 

Use code: summer to get 10% off on ur purchase at Freedomsilk. Have a sleep well at night by wearing their luxurious bedding set and sleepwear.  


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  1. Beautiful bedding sets.

  2. Those looks great! I would love to sleep on those :D

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  3. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  4. Duh nightgown nya super cute deh!
    Can't resist!


  5. Lovely pieces and colors!


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