Sunday, February 4, 2018


Still remember with my Zaful wishlist last month? u can read again here in case you haven't read it XD.  I put some items on my wishlist haha, so finally I just can add 4 items on my Zaful order cart. It didnt take so long for the package to arrive, umm not until 3 weeks I got my parcel from Zaful.

I had fallen in love with this corduroy dress. The floral pattern and the frilly neck are really cute.

It comes in various sizes, and I chose size S and looked a lil bit bigger and longer for me. But when wearing it , it really fit on me.

The front detail, it has some buttons and frilly collar.

The detail of the sleeves also frilled and looked really cute.

It gives korean and feminine look wearing this dress hahah.

I was surprise that the dress has a really good material. It sewed neatly and greatly.

This apricot sweater is pretty lovely. It also has good quality and material. It doesnt too thick so it was perfect to wear in a tropical country like Indonesia. I can still wear this sweater in Summer. haha.

In front , there is a single pocket. 

V~neck style

The lace up detail on the back part.

It suits well with jeans or shorts. Or maybe u can wear a skirt to create cuter look with this pastel sweater.

Since I need some eye makeup brushes, and found so many pretty brushes at ZAFUL, I put this brush set on my order. The brush set is quiet affordable, its only about $12 for 15pcs brushes. Great price for the cuteness.

The brush set consists of 15 eye brushes. 

The synthetic bristle has two tone color: white and mint. Its really soft and thick. I love how the brushes look so soft.

The mermaid wand also comes in two tone color :pink and mint. It made of plastick but sturdy enough. And they dont look cheap at all. These gorgeus brushes are what I need for my vanity. 

At first I was so worried that it might broken when it was shipped, gladly they had packed it nicely. It arrived in a good condition without any damage. 

Its big enough to store some of my make up. It has 2 wider side parts and 9 holes for lips products.

The side parts are a lil bit narrow so I just can put 2 BB cushions and a small cream tube.

Im really satisfied with everything that I got from ZAFUL. Surprisingly, they are in good quality with very good price. They also offer free shipping worldwide for order over $30, such a good place for shopping haha. Now, they had special event this month, Zaful Valentine's Day Sale on their website. Since Valentine Day is around the corner, dont miss the chance to get some lovely item at ZAFUL. Just visit Zaful Valentine Day 2018 collection to find your favorite items there. You can also enter Zaful Giveaway to win free round trip ticket. Check the details on their web how to join it. 


See yaa~~~~ on my next post ^^


  1. The dress it's really cute !

  2. The brushes and the dress are super cute!

    1. u r right , I really fond both of them ^^~♡

  3. I love everything you picked they look so cute! Especially the brushes and the dress. I do love the detail on the back of the sweater!!!

    Olga from Myme

  4. That corduroy dress is so lovely on You!!
    And those brushes are also cute <3
    Have a fantastic week :)


  5. I love the dress and brushes:) great review:)

  6. the brushes so cute and for the make up storage I've been eyeing on them , too. So usefull and compact, right? ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. yeah they are so cutee 😍😍😍 thanks for stopping by dear

  7. I really like the dress, it's so unique and looks vintage.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  8. Beautiful haul, i love the dress, it's so cute!

    Freak Muffin Blog

  9. love the blouse the flowers

  10. Oh all is so cute! I especially love those brushes <3

  11. Great picks! They're cute :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  12. Gorgeous items. xoxo Cris

  13. Perfect post! I love that vibes! And those brushes OMG just look at htme <3

  14. So pretty! I love the v-neck lace up sweater.

  15. Lucunyaaaa, jadi pengen brush juga, lumayan nambah koleksi.

    1. iyaa lucu bgt brush nyaa. wand nya mermaid warnanya jg lucuu XD

  16. Very beautiful dress! Аnd brushes are just lovely!

  17. OMG dear I love your haul from Zaful! The outfits is cute as you <3

    Sharon Lee


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