Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Hi everyone ^^)// this is my first post in 2017 haha. It has been long tome I dont make circle lens review. So now finally I made one haha. Recently Im wearing glasses often than wearing lenses. I found it more practical to wear glasses in many ways.  But sometimes I also miss to have colored, big and dolly eyes haha. So I bought 2 pair of lenses. 

Im going to review EOS daisy 2 tone blue. Blue? why blue ?? because I need them for my Rem cosplay XD I chose Eos Ice at first but it was out of stock for the blue lens so my second choice was the Eos daisy blue one since it also has big diameter that will be perfect to get dolly effect. 

Lens Description : 

Brand :EOS 
Diameter : 14.8mm
BC : 8.8mm
Water content : 38% 
Life Span: 12 months


As usual it comes in a vial bottle. There are power prescription on the bottle cap. Also we can find some information and expired date for the lenses on the bottle. 

Color and Design 

The blue color is so pretty and vibrant. Tho the color is really vibrant it blends well on my dark brown eyes. It still noticeable that Im wearing blue lens but not too stand out. So I can still wear them daily without worrying some people starring at my blue eyes.

I really love the flower design of the lenses. The soft black ring makes the lens blends well and looks natural.


With 14.8mm dia, it really gives enough enlargement. I think this lens is perfect for cosplaying to get the big eyes effect.


I can wear them for about 4~6 hours with drops. I found out that one of my lens feel uncomfortable but still bearable after 5hours. But the other lens is really comfort as if I dont wear any lens. I dunno why???? maybe I should buy another lenses to replace the bad one ㅠㅠ.  

Overall I really love the color and the design. It gives dolly effect on me. Sadly its not quiet comfortable for me since it only last for 4~6 hours.

Love :

♡ Pretty color and design 
♡ give dolly effect 

Hate : 

☆ only can wear them less than 6hours

See yaaa~~~~ on my next post ^^~


  1. The color is beautiful:) I love it:)

  2. They are so beautiful! Too bad they wouldn't suit me because I have light brown eyes :/
    Looking forward to read your next post!
    Greetings from Japan ~

    1. I think they will blend well also on light brown eyes. ^^~

  3. Ah, cakep banget cosplaynya *.*

  4. Your blog is very cute and I am following you.
    I hope you follow back.
    The pictures were great!
    Best wishes, M imi

  5. great products! I love your blog honey ;)
    I've just followed you and I hope that you give me follow back

  6. cakep warnanya. cocok buat cosplay ya hehehe

  7. Such a cute color! I was expecting it to look unnatural, because it's very vivid and light, but it really look natural on you! Your review is very detailed, great post!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. thanks ^^~ yeah at first Im a little bit afraid that they will look unnatural. but surprisingly they dont ^^~

  8. ka toriii lempar softlens satu sih aku ga pernag pake softlens loh wkwk norak banget yaa haha

    1. hahha. ntar yahh ak bikin giveaway softlens . g norak kok hehe

  9. Hi salam kenal :)

    Pake ini lebih keliatan belo ya matanya. Cocok bgt buat jadi cosplay hihi

    1. slam kenal jg dear ^^~

      iya efek enlargement nya dpt bgt ^^

  10. cantik banget cosplay-nya apalagi di tambah sama softlens biru..

  11. tempatnya soflent nya bagus apalagi soflent nya bagusssssssssss bengetttttttttttttt

  12. warna soflent nya bagus, jadi penegn beli..


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