Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hii~ everyone. Today I wanna share my haul from , last time I ever shared my taobao haul along with my testerkorea haul ( review here ). So this time Im going to share my another taobao haul. Since I will shop at Taobao again next time, I decided to make haul in several parts. 

There are so many cute thing I want at taobao haha. but this time I just bought few cute items and fashion. So here they are ^^~

Waterproof PVC Shelf Adhesive Wallpaper Sticker

Actually there is a shop near my home that sold pvc wallpaper but the paterns are not many and boring. I want a vintage flower patern for my wallpaper then I found it at the Since the only problem of shopping at taobao is the shipping fee , I just bought only 1 roll wallpaper ( 45cm X 5m ). And I really love when it come XD its not only can be used as wallpaper but also for other decorating such as for table , fridge , background waredrobe and ect.  Sadly I only bought 5m long so I will purchase for another rolls next time. Im planning to use it as my bedroom wallpaper XD.

Pack Cloth Sponge Fabric Hanger

Another cute flowery item that I bought from taobao, yeah cloth hangers haha. I need them to hang my cute dresses. Since I dunno the quality I only bought 1 set ( 5 pieces ). There are many patterns available but the pattern tht I want was out of stock so I only got this.

Harajuku Soft Sailor Moon Tee

This tee is really cute tho its not in good quality but Im satisfied enough with this. Im planning to repurchase the chibi moon version next time.

Taiwan Handmade False Eyelash mixed Upper and Lower Lashes
Box 10 pairs 

Bought this for my cosplay property, actually I wanna buy only the upper eyelashes but I think that the mixed set is really valuable rather than only upper or lower only. The price is affordable also. There are 6 pairs upper eyelashes and 4 pairs lower eyelashes. They are easy to use and reuseable till 3 times.  Sorry for the incomplete pairs, I already used them haha.
Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Cable Protector

It hasnt really popular here but I found it really cute and want it for my phone's charger cable. I dont find any shop that sell cable protector so I bought it at

These are another choices, everything is so cute and I wanna buy them all haha. ( pic from web )

Gudetama Glasses Case

Recently Im tired of using circle lenses, then I bought new glasses since I got new prescription for both my eyes. I chose this lazy egg for my glasses haha XD gudetama is really cute.

Cute Cotton Fabrics

I like to shop fabrics XD its such heaven when I found so many cute fabrics that I cant find here. I bought this cute cat fabrics for my pillow case.  Next time I wanna buy another cute pattern to make cute dresses.

 pic from web

Child Princess Skirt Tutu Dress

picture from web

I bought this for my niece, I know tht she love this kind of dress. I was really amaze how good the quality of the dress is. I love the lace and the tutu part. It really looks pretty on her. Its definitely the same with the promotional pic on the web.

So thats all my taobao haul. Im still waiting for my another taobao order to come and going to review them also soon.


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~


  1. Taobao!! I want to buy things from them but I find it a bit hard since I can't understand chinese~ hehe. What's the shipping rate to your country though? Is it expensive?

    ieyra h. | latest post: Top 3 2016 Beauty Favourites

    1. me too i dont understand chinese haha. I use a taobao agent, yeah since its imported the shipping fee is quiet high ㅠㅠ

  2. False Eyelash-nya menggoda >____< Bajunya juga LUCUUUUUU BANGEEETTTT 😆😆😆

    1. iyahh. suka beli lashes yg lngsung sebox gitunlebih murah haha


    Passion Blog |

  4. kawaii♥♥♥
    review bulu matanya ya say

    1. duhhh sebagian uda kepake dan g smpet poto poto eotd nya haha

  5. Wow it all looks good ^^ <3

  6. OMG, all of them are just soooo cute! I can't resist them, especially those cloth hangers! <3



  7. Wow!! So cute :O
    Suka semuanyaaa O_O

    uniqueblogofmei . com

  8. Oh very cute haul darling
    The fabrics are really cute!

  9. awww so many cute things *^* I love the Sailor Moon tee-shirt and the Gudetama case >w<

  10. Cute banget kak wallpapernyaa >.< apalagi fabric hangernya. Suka banget sama vintage flowernya itu😍😍

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