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Review: Kracie's Naive Facial Cleansing Foam #Peach ( Kawaii Beauty Japan )


Hallo today I wanna share my new cleansing foam,  thanks to Kawaii BeautyJapan that gave me chance to make review of this product.  There are 3 type of facial foam according to our skin’s condition: Aloe, Green Tea, and Peach . I got mine in Peach for dry skin.

 I got this product along with the bubble/foam net, usually I just use my palm to create bubbles haha. 

image Packaging image 

I got mine in peach so the product is in pink ^^. As usual cleansing foam packaging, this cleansing foam also comes in a tube form. The amount of this product is 110gr, wich is big enough for me.

The caution, instruction and the ingredients are written in Indonesian, because this product is specially impoerted and distributed in Indonesia by PT. Hoyu Indonesia.

image Ingredients image 

This product contains Peach leaf extract, olive oil and althaea which can soften and moisturize our dry skin naturally. Paraben and colorant free !!!!!

image Texture and Scent  image

This is a cream cleansing foam type, The cream is white and tick, and the foam that we create is really soft and thick.  If you use the foam net, u will get thick and rich foam. and it feels really soft when u apply it on the face.

Im not sure if its a peach scent, coz im not really familiar with peach scent ^^ but the scent is fruity, sweet and fresh,but not strong scent. So it feel refreshing when washing my face. I just love the scent

image How to Wash with Naive Cleansing Foam image

1. Wet the face and the foam net. Take small amount of the product ( 1-2cm ) on the palm or foam net and create the foam.

2. Spread the foam all over the face and neck. Massage gently in a circular motion.

3. Rinse it off  with water.

I really like the result, this cleansing foam really deos good work on my face. My face feel smooth, moist and clean after using this product. I dont feel dry or tightening effect at all. I also do an experiment to prove that this cleansing foam can remove all make up even the waterproof liner and glitter product. Only peripera peri's ink that still leave the stain, because this lips ink has its own remover to remove the lips stain.

I swatched bb cream, eyebrow , waterproof eyeliner, eyeshadow, tear drop liner, and some lip tints. 

I just rub it gently, no need extra power to remove all of this make up haha. and tadaaa ~ the foam removes all of the make up except the peri's ink on the top layer that still remain stain a little.

image Overall image

I really love this cleansing foam, maybe it will be my facorite ^^ I love the fruity sweet scent and the soft bubbles.

image Like:

image peachy scent
image rich and soft foam
image removes all make up and dirt
image make my face soft and moist

image Dislike:
image none

Repurchased? Yes of course ^^

Thank you Kawaii BeautyJapan

Instagram :  @kawaiibeautyjapan
Twitter: @KawaiiBeautyJP

See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~~~~


  1. Aww, cute review Tori! Wow, it really removed so much makeup, that's crazy! o__o I love Japanese skincare products, ahaha, they're so good!

    1. Thanks June :3 yeah its surprising me that this foam can remove many makeup ^^

  2. Cute review - Love all the cute photos of you! I didn't knew the product, but it sounds great. Sadly it's not available in my country!

    1. Thanks Sara, hope it will be available in ur country soon ^^

  3. Omg you look so cute in those pictures c: The review was really nice c:

  4. Great post!

  5. Wow that looks like a really good cleanser, the pink colours just makes me want to buy it >.<

  6. This sounds wonderful! Thank you for the review ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. Really cute review~! This face wash looks amazing <33

  8. Nice review kak.

    Aku punya yg green tea. Tp sdikit membuat kulitku jg kering. Overall sih aku suka bgt sm facial foam ini.
    Busa melimpah bikin hemat lol .

    1. kulit ak kering sih jadi pilih yg peach ^^
      iya busanya banyakk >3< haha

  9. wih model nya kece hihi :D
    foam nya tokcer nih bisa bersih gitu.
    blh juga masuk ke list aku :D

    1. hahah jgn bkin ak ketawa yahh XD
      iya coba aja, sapa tau cocok :P

  10. Great post! It sounds like an amazing cleanser! :D

  11. Jadi pengen yg peach, wangi bgt kali yah. Hohohoo
    Btw , Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D

  12. awwwwww you are so cute <3
    i love your legs bear <3


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