Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review: Etude House My Castle Hand Cream - Forever Rose


:iconcutehiplz:, today is not about make up, but hand cream ^^ Its quiet difficult to make the review, since we can't smell through the post haha and Im also bad at describing scent. So I will just share many pictures haha. Actually Im not really often using hand cream everyday, bought hand cream just because its packaging haha. and Etude House never failed to make me purchased their product. Their new hand cream Etude House my castle Hand Cream, I want them at first time seeing them. There are 4 variants of the hand cream, I want the pink one but only 3 others that available at the online shop. I bought the ready stock, coz its too tiring to wait when I buy pre-order. I decided the Forever  Rose ( green one ) since I admire rosy scent.


The box itself is really cute, and I can throw it away coz it just too cute. But after take out the product, I'm just a little bit disappointed. The packaging is cute, its like a house miniature but it just a paper sticker that is wrapped on it packaging I thought it is printed. It makes the hand cream looks cheap, and I don't like it.

The hand cream is big enough, so i said it isn't travel friendly. I dont wanna bring such a big hand cream that will take much space in my bag. It will just be great to put this on my dressing table or somewhere in my room.


It was really good that there is plastic to separate the cream. The consistency is just like other hand cream,nothing special. The cream color is violet umm I thought the color would be green haha. I don't feel sticky at all when applying this cream on my hands. Yeah its moisturize my hands for sure.



It has unique rosy scent, I cant really describe this scent. It has rosy scent but also has sweet scent like candy. Its smell really good.  Hmm.. Its not long-last for the whole day haha of course laa, the scent will disappear after  few hours ( 3-4 hours ).


I love this hand cream but its not my favorite hand cream. I'm bit disappointed with the packaging actually. Fortunately I choose the right scent for me. 


image Rosy scent
image cute packaging
image moisturize my hands


image Not travel friendly
image Paper label

Repurchased? I think no, you know the reason right? It would be another story if the packaging was perfect, I  will definitely purchase all of them.

See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~


  1. ahh, packingan nya unyu banget sis >.<

  2. Hahah I'm not the only one who can't describe a smell xD It's so hard and I suffer at finding the right words lol
    But this handcream is amazing! I love the packaging ♡

    1. haha we're same ^^ Im bad at describing scent XD
      yeah the packaging is cute ^^

  3. Untuk ukuran hand cream di rumah, atau kantor, packaging nya lucu.. Bisa bikin semangat. Tapi gak untuk travelling.. Ribet juga bawa bawa lotion bentuk nya begini.. Hehehee..


    1. hihi iya, ini g travel friendly, buat pajangan aja XD

  4. This looks nice, it's too bad that you didn't like it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. yeah im a little bit disappointed with this hand cream :(

  5. HOW CUTE! I see you have an instagram account you want to follow each other via insta? let me know alright? my IG name: @cassiethriftier...

    love lots,
    Cassie Thriftier

  6. I love the packaging ! sekalian buat hiasan meja/? hahahaha coba ada travel size nya .. jadi bisa dibawa kemana2 ><
    Nice Review!

    xoxo, Syarah

  7. don't they have the cutest packaging ;)

  8. Nice post! This is such an amazing item!

  9. Oh sweetie the packaging is super pretty

  10. yah sayang banget ya itu cuma kertas gitu, aku kira itu diprint gitu di kemasannya.

    1. iya, yg bkin ak kecewa itu cm kertas stiker yg ditempel T.T

  11. Awww so sad the cream isn't what you wanted ! plus the packaging was abit cheap like you said > <

    oh well ! at least you gave it a try ^ ^ it's still cute <3

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  12. cute product though although you feel disappoint with the packaging! Hehe
    Hi Tori, long time no drop by to your blog already!


    1. Hi Sharon , ^^ hope u doing good there ^^
      yeah just the packaging that makes me disappointed, but so far I love the smell of the hand cream ^^


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