Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life: Went to the Zoo

A month ago my friends and I went to the zoo. Lol . We have planned it before, one of my friend want to visit local zoo in my city. Oh come on, it is not place where to go for hang out. Since I know the condition of the zoo when I was kid, it was not a good place to go. The interesting thing that attracts me to go there is I wanna ride elephant and camel. Haha. Fortunately the weather is really nice went we go there, not too hot not too cold.  But ok, let’s go haha.

I can’t talk much about this zoo. The entrance ticket cost is 10k IDR (about 1$) on weekend, its really affordable right? The animal collection is not many. The area is wide enough, I was really tired to death when walked around the zoo. But my tired was gone when seeing many cute animals there. Lol. Took many picture here and there.

 In front of the bird cage 

 There are 2 big bird cages there.

 Pretty peacock XD

Me and peacock 

 Took a pic inside the bird cage :D

 There is a small playground there

 Orang Utan XD
Took selfie everywhere XD. I cant capture many animals there , I was just too lazy and tired to look around haha.

Unfortunately when I went to the elephant ride, it was closed during lunch time TT.TT. It's okay I will ride next time I go there.

 LUNCH TIME ,  haha we ate so many XD

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  1. Cute outfit! ^__^ The food looks yummy hehe

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  2. I absolutely love this post! Gorgeous pictures.. you look lovely! xx
    I really like your blog, you have a new follower <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  3. Oh the zoo!! I love going to the zoo! So many pretty cool animals to see ^^

    Last time I went was probably 5-6 years ago !!

    Your outfit looks cute, very lovely post!!

    Have a great weekend!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Haha I started to love zoo :D so many amazing animals.

      Thanks for stopping by Emi
      Have a nice day :)

  4. Awh such lovely pictures, looks like a great day! Your outfit is so cute too

    Alexandra ♡

  5. lovely pics and nice outfit


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