Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mini Beauty Haul


Today I just wanna share my mini beauty haul from Etude House, Innisfree, The Face Shop and Canmake. Most of them are lips and eye products haha. Purchased this items because I run out of my daily item ( eyeliner, eyebrow and hair serum) and just wanna try pink lips product haha.

image Etude House Play 101 Pencil #01 Blackimage  

Usually I use liquid eyeliner before, but after Etude House launched this product I wanna try this. I wanna try using pencil liner to create natural eye makeup. By applying liner on the water line, coz it will be difficult and impossible to apply liquid liner on water line. lol XD 

image Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Pencil  #03 Brown image  

Yeah, I run out of my Eyebrow Pencil :( , and I cant go out without eyebrow haha.  This is the first time I purchased Innisfree product. 

image The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex  Design My Eyebrow #Brown image

 Because Im afraid run out of such an important item so I purchased 2 eyebrow pencils, haha. I also purchased eyebrow pencil from The face shop, with the same color also. I dunno I just like brown color for my eyebrow, applying dark color will make me look old and weird haha. 

image Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstalk PK017 image

Recently I thought that pink lips are so girly and cute, haha that's why I wanna try to wear pink lips by purchasing some pink lipstick. It was so difficult what lips product should I chose TT.TT I want soft pink color, and Etude house has wide range of lips colors. But finally I chose this shade, it made me so desperate at that time because there was no review of this shade in the internet. Hmm, I hope this color will suit on me.

image  Etude House Alphabet Mask Sheet Mango image 

 There is no special reason why I purchased this mask sheet, I purchased it in the Etude House store. Because this mask sheet is already discontinued, so we can purchase this mask sheet only in Etude House store. And why I chose Mango? haha that's a secret :P. I wanna buy the Heart mask sheet also but its out of stock at that time.

image Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge #05 Flowing Cherry Petal image

Yeaaaahhh, finally I have this item, I want this product since long long long time ago . This is my first Japanese beauty product. Beside the cute packaging, I think this is a good product that's why this is worth to try. At first I wanna buy shade no 1 but its out of stock in the store (again ) so I purchased shade no 5.

image Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum image 

This is my second purchased, I dunno if it my HG item or not, I just too lazy to find other hair serum haha.


That's all my mini beauty haul, and I still have many wishlists. lol XD Since I'm really busy with my work, I cant make review as soon as possible. Just let me know which product you want me to review first hehe. Thanks for reading see yaa on my next post.


  1. Such a cute haul!!! I love the look of everything, very very sweet!!! Especially the lip stick!! ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. thanks Emi :) yeah the lipstick is really cute :D

  2. So many cute items! :O
    Waiting review of hair serum, i've never see it before.

  3. I'd love a review of the Etude House lipstick, I love the packaging.

    New post up on I write posts about inspiration, fashion, beauty, cute/geeky things, anime, video games, as well as tutorials and reviews :)

    1. I love EH lipstick's packaging .really cute:)
      will review it soon .
      Thanks Bea :)

  4. ohhh such beautiful products! all their packaging is so girl and fun (that is my favorite part about make up lol) I also love how you took those amazing pictures of each product. The staging is flawless!


    1. Thanks Milu, haha thts also my favorite part about make up, cute packaging :D

  5. Great stuff!

  6. These products are so cute. I love the packaging too. It's so feminine!

    1. Yeahh, I do agree, they are really cute products ^^ Thanks for stopping by :D


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