Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tony Moly Party Lover Tint #Red Apple

Today I'd like to review tony moly lip tint #red apple. This is my first lip tint, got this from LynLyn Shop. If you didnt know what is Lip tint, you can visit to my friend's blog Sekarasrii , coz she explain a little about what lip tint is. 
Usually I just use lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss for my daily make up, but then I think I need the simple one. So I chose to purchase liptint. And jjangggg image~~~~ my choice is....... Tony Moly Party Lover Tint Red Apple. There are two shade colors, Red Apple and Pink Cherry. But I wanna try red lips, so I chose Red Apple shade. 

The package is looked like a lip gloss, so simple. 

Not only the package, the applicator is also looked like Lip gloss applicator.

The swatch, so pretty red and pigmented XD love it ~~

Flashed with water and rubbed , the color stay a little.

Now, lets see how it works on my lips haha. This is the first time my lips look so red image. Look different coz usually I use nude color for my lips. As you know my lips pigment are a little bit dark image.  Because each person has different lip pigment color then this will also be different results on each person.

My bare lips

Gradient Lips

Volume Lips

I really love the color, pigmented and pretty. This makes my lips become dry but its okay, since I dont like if my lips look glossy. But if  you dont like your lips become dry , you can use lip balm before using lip tint. This tint also can be used as blusher but be careful when apply it on your cheeks *^^*image

imageLike :
imageDidnt look glossy

imageDislike :
imageSimple package, since I'm a sucker for cute stuffs >,<

Repurchased? umm maybe but I wanna try from another brand and other colors haha :D
And here are my selcas XD enjoy it 

image Bye bye image

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  1. Kebanyakan selca, bikin males baca XD
    Nice review kakak, bsk buat aku yaa :-P


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