Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Change Mouse Cursor in Blog

Here is a tutorial to change mouse cursor in blog. Bcoz of my friend ask me to make this tutorial, so today I will post about the tutorial. This is one of the way to make your blog looks prettier with custom cursor. Since Im not an expert in editing html or whatever, so Im googling how to change the cursor. After read many tutorial I found the simplest way. haha.

imageok, just follow this steps image

  First, log in your blogger
  And then choose Template - Edit Html

  After that, find this code ]]></b:skin>  by pressing Ctrl + f 

  Copy this code below, and then paste above the ]]></b:skin> code 
     a, a:hover {cursor:

Note : change (#) with cursor's url that you want 
ex : 
     a, a:hover {cursor:

Save the template 

And tarraaa~~~~ your cursor blog change image

I hope it will help you to make your blog prettier image, if u have any question just leave a comment image

image bye bye image


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  2. Oh! Nice information thanks for sharing this.


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