Friday, February 8, 2013

I Love Kakaotalk!!!

What is kakaotalk? Kakaotalk is a free mobile messenger application for Smartphone with free text and free call features. The first time I knew kakaotalk is from my Korean friends. They suggested me to use Kakaotalk because it can make easier to communicate. Then I downloaded it and make and account. It is similar with Whatsapp and Line, but I thought it’s very different. Kakaotalk is more awesome than other messenger application I have. Hahaha.

I love make friends with foreigners, and most of them are using Kakaotalk. That’s why I love using Kakaotalk. Most of them are from Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. It helps me to make intents communication with them. And I also can improve my English by chatting with them everyday through Kakaotalk.  

Besides, there are so many cute move emoticons and cute themes. And most of them are free. I can choose my favorite themes to be applied in my Kakaotalk. So, my Kakaotalk become cute and sweet. Haha :D.  When I chat with my friends I love using move emoticons. They are all very cute haha. It makes my conversation more funny and alive.

I also can share photos, videos, and voice messages with my friends. Sometimes I make a free call with my foreigners’ friend. And the voice is very clear and its free haha. It’s really funny when making a voice call with them.

I really love and enjoy using KakaoTalk :D It is very recommended application; there are so many features and free services. Please enjoy it :)

 This is my Kakaotalk Screen-shots



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