Friday, July 1, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Length: 120 Menit
Genre: Comedies, Romance
Country: Thailand
Release: 09/02/2011

Recent movie that I watch,,,Thailand movie but this movie is very funny and entertaining. This movie is very recommended to watch :3.
This movie told about Nam an ugly girl and her first love, Shone. Shone was a handsome guy so that many girls love him. Nam wasn't the only girl who fell in love with Shone. It wasn't easy to win Shone 's heart with her ugly face. With the help from her friends, and a book that contains variety of methods to get a man's heart, Nam began to change. A change slowly, it made Nam better than before.
Nam throwing her glasses and whiten her skin. And then won the role of Snow White in the school play, and become the majorette in the school band. It made all men fell in love with her. 
Will Nam won Shone's heart??? hmm just watch this movie. :D

Cast : 

Mario Maurier as Shone


Phimchanok Luevisetpaibool as Nam

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Enjoy this Movie :D


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