Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love Julinsee

Title : Love Julinsee / Love at 4 Size
Info : Thailand movie
Genre : Comedy - Romance
Release : 2011 

Wahahahah,, Thailand movie again. I don't know why , I started love to watch Thai-Movie. Beside the good story, the artists are also became the reason why Thai-movie become so popular now. Love Julinsee is one of new Thailand movie that combined comedy and love story in teenagers life. This movie divided in to 4 story that have different love story. And I think the best story are the second and final story.

First story

Boat ( Nuttapong Piboonthanakiet ) is a high-school student who chase a sexy girl Bifon ( Apinya Sakuljaroensuk ) in his school. After Boat got Bifon phone number, he invited to go on dates. Finally they go out and many of funny things happened.

Second Story

Pla ( Irada Siriwut ) is a guitarist who was approached by a handsome man who love her at first sight. Finally they became a couple. But Pal felt very sad because her boyfriend had to go abroad. After several times have chat with her boyfriend, she found that her boyfriend date with another woman. Try to forget her ex-boyfriend, she decided to go to Big Mountain Concert.

Third Story

Nao ( Tisanat Sornsuek ) try to get a boy in her college Yoh ( Alex Rendell ). She did many silly things to make Yoh jealous. Holding hands with the man, who had just met on the street, and she did not know at all. But it just make Yoh become mad and decided to stay away from Nao. 

Final Story 

Yok ( Jirayu La-Ongmanee ) and Eue ( Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen ) are bestfriend. But love growing between them, then they decided to be a couple. 

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