Sunday, December 16, 2018


Another lips product that I try this year. There are so many new lips products that I had tried recently, and one of them is Romand Lip Driver. This year lip cream or liquid products are still popular among beauty enthusiasts. Especially me, who is a fan of lipcream product ^^

Romand Lip Driver comes in a long tube packaging, its color has the same color based on the shade of the shade of the lip driver. Mine is shade no.01 Skid Mark, so it has bright red color tube as the packaging. 

The packaging is long and big enough compared with other lips cream product. It has long and slim brush also , so it will make it easier to apply this lipcream evenly. 

It has pretty adorable true red shade, that will make us glam up instantly. The formula/texture is matte finish on me. Its more dead matte finish but doesnt make my lips dry. And i really love how it is super pigmented, though it will a lil bit hard to create gradient lips because its high pigmentation. 

Its also super waterproof and longlasting. It can last up to 8 hours after meal and wash my face twice ( wudhu ). I was purposely wearing this lipcream when I went to a food festival, I ate many greasy foods there. Surpeisingly, the red stain stayed still nicely on my lips. Love It ^^

Unfortunately this lipcream is semi-transferproof. The stain will transfer on my finger when I swap/ rub my lips but the lipcream stain on my lips still can stay longer/ nicely. The lipcream itself settled fast,  I need to spread hurriedly so the lipcream can be applied evenly on my lips.

Overall, I really love the color, pigmentation and the longevity. It would be great to bring this when we are on a trip so we dont have to worry about retouching our lips.

Love : 

πŸ’‹ Pretty color
πŸ’‹ Super pigmented
πŸ’‹ Waterproof & Longlasting
πŸ’‹ Matte finish

Hate : 

πŸ’‹ dried fast on lips
πŸ’‹ semi-transferproof

Product Name : 
Romand Lip Driver 01 Skid Mark

Where to Buy : 

Price : 
$ 10.99


See yaa ~~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. So beautiful and I love that it lasts long without having to retouch it!

    1. yea it is ^^ I really love taht its super longlast and waterproof

  2. The lips color is so pigmented!! Suitable for Christmas red lip look =)


    1. yeah, it will make us look stunning on Christmas party day ^^

  3. I am in love with this lip driver incredibly beautiful xoxo Cris


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