Saturday, January 6, 2018


Yay, my first post this year XD Im going to review my favorite cushion these days: Laneige X Lucky Chouette BB cushion whitening. I think its a lil bit too late too review this but dont care haha. Actually this limited edition cushion has launched in 2016 and I bought this last year haha. But I had a chance to do a review this year, probably this cushion is already discontinued. Laneige always makes new collaboration every season so dont worry to collect/ get their limited edition cushion.

Lucky Chouette PR image

The packaging is pretty adorable XD thats why I bought this XD. Laneige collaborated with Lucky Chouette which is a Korean fashion label based on street elements, graphics, playful and humorous artwork for a unique and smart Young Shopper with global sensitivity that offers diverse cultures and styles. Their two icons: Bella Chouette (pink owl) and Vely Chouette (blue owl), become the exclusive design for the collab packaging. 

There are 2 kind of bb cushions ( whitening and pore control), mine is BB cushion whitening with the pink packaging. I chose the Ivory shade, because it was the only shade remaining at the shop at that time. But, usually I always choose light shade every time buying cushion. I just hope that it wont be too light on my skin.

Its hard to resist it cuteness, even the box is pretty cute. The box is also designed by the the couple owl. omg so cuteeee  >3<)////. It comes with a cushion set and a refill inside the box. Its really worth the price that this also come along with a refill.

Still obsessed with the cute packaging, the cushion is also pretty adorable. The soft pink outer case looks so gorgeous and tempting for me," ahh I need to buy this", that what I said when looking this cushion hahah. 

Opening the cushion, the inner ring case comes in a pretty rose gold, waaa this cushion is really cool.  

The puff is a lil bit smaller than usual cushion puffs that I have. Though the puff is small it is still comfortable and easy to use.

One thing that makes this cushion different with others is the cushion sponge, it comes in a Skin Fit diamond design that will make easier to pick up the product with the puff. It makes the puff absorb the product evenly, so Im glad when applying and blending the cushion on my face without worrying that I take too much amount of the product. My skin looks radiant and clear as the product is applied evenly and thinly.

I got mine in Ivory shade, though the shade seems too light on my skin , it still look natural and blend pretty good on my skin tone. I'm so happy that the shade doesn't make my face look weird because I choose the lighter shades of the cushion. 

It has medium- high coverage on my skin but still look natural. It can cover my acne scar and blur it naturally. It brighten my face and has matte finish but I still feel moist when wearing the cushion. It has a nice and fresh scent when applying it on my face, and will disappear after a while. 

They claim that it has 3 benefits for our skin:

1. Lasting brightness: Upon application, brightens skin instantly and keeps it bright for 12 hours.
2. Moisturizing effect: Upon application, improves skin moisture instantly and keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours.
3. Anti-darkening: Upon application, improves dull skin instantly and keeps it bright for 12 hours

For me, it last up to 8 hours and only fade a little because I'm washing my face twice. My skin still looks bright all the day with this cushion. I have normal- dry skin, it doesn't make my face become oily or dry at all. It keeps my face moist and doesn't break my skin out.


image adorable packaging
image brighten and moisturize
image great coverage
image limited and exclusive edition


image pricey


See yaaa~~ on my next post ^^ ~


  1. Great Review

  2. The packaging is so cute!! The coverage is really good too!


    1. yeah I really love the coverage and of course the packaging also ^^

  3. Seems a great product, and I love how cute the packaging is!

  4. so so cute packaging of them - I am big fan of owls xx

  5. That packaging is extremely cute!!

    Thanks for sharing this review!!


    Seize your Style

  6. Packagingnya lucu bangeett. Well, laneige memang pricey but worth it yaaa sis

  7. I think it seems too light on my skin too in ivory shade..It's okay as long the product has cute packaging :D

    1. gladly the shade blends naturally on my skintone after a while. ^^

  8. warna bedak nya ga terlalu kuning jadi abgus dikulit wajah keliatan alami


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