Sunday, October 22, 2017


Hi everyone Xd I’m back again :D Today’s post is a lil bit different, yapp as you can see from the title, haha I share an eyebrow tutorial today. Usually I just post product reviews or haul review right? Haha I’m not confident at all anw, since I’m not a pro to make tutorial post.

On my previous post, I have an eyebrow product review, so this time I will make a tutorial for my daily eyebrow using that product. I hope that all of you will enjoy this post XD Feel free to give any feedback (critics or suggestions) so that I can make better tutorial next time ^^~

Products used:

Zoya Eyebrow Pencil #black ( review: here )
Emina Top Secret eyebrow ( review: here

  1. This is my bare eyebrow, I always trim them so it become thin and neat.
  2. Shape my eyebrow using Zoya Eyebrow Pencil. Here you can use ur favorite eyebrow pencil to shape your eyebrows.
  3. Fill the eyebrows using Emina Top Secret Eyebrow. The same case with step 2, use your HG eyebrow powder product.
  4. I used the dark brown shade, starting from the outer to the inner part.
  5. Brush only the inner corner part of the eyebrow to make gradation.
  6. Done.  

I know that some of you may think that my eyebrows are a lil bit bold for daily or you can say it Shinchan’s eyebrows hahah. My friends said like that TT.TT some called it caterpillar’s eyebrows hahah. I always practice to make such a nice eyebrow shape, but this is the best that I can make T.T

So how’s my eyebrow?? Do you like them? Haha. Thank you for reading my tutorial XD

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~


  1. You look amazing! It suits you very much! I wonder how would I look like with a narrow eyebrows, haha ✿

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. Great post ! Follow back?

  3. Itu pkai zoya sama emina? Keceh yaa

  4. Korean sekali alisnya <3
    suka hehehehe...

  5. Great tutorial and nice eyebrow.
    I following you now #282, follow me back please?
    Have a nice day.

  6. The outcome is really beautiful.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  7. Great tutorial, your eyebrows look amazing! Such a useful post! ♥
    Do you want to keep in touch and follow each other? I follow you now, hope you'll follow back! ♥ :)

  8. Świetny post i super blog <3 obserwuję i zostaję tu na dłużej <3

  9. Great post, photos are amaizing!
    Hope you'll click on links at the end of this post -->

  10. I like them. They do not seem over the top at all. I do not know how to style my eyebrows, honestly. Haha. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Joy to the World

    1. Thank you ^^ yeah since I prefer korean stright eyebrow, I create narrow eyebrow

  11. I like this kind of eyebrow, thanks for showing how to achieve it.

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  13. I love it! Have a great day doll!

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  14. Hi! Great tutorial, thank you! Your eyebrows look nice!

    I follow you :)

    Shoot for the stars

  15. Your eyebrows are beautiful! Thanks for this tutorial.
    I just followed your lovely blog (#287). Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.

    1. thanks for reading ^^~

      followed u back dear ♡

  16. great tutorial kak, bagi aku yang gak bisa bikin alis hahaha nice to meet you

    i follow you ya kak :D

  17. Seriously I don't think it seems like shinchan's eyebrow hahaha it suits you best anyway :D

  18. Seriously I don't think it seems like shinchan's eyebrow hahaha it suits you best anyway :D

  19. Your brows look so natural and perfect! ♥

    Anyway, have you heard about Rosegal's ongoing promos and discounts for the whole month of November? If not, you may want to check it out now! ♥

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance


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