Sunday, March 20, 2016


image, It has been long time I didnt review about circle lenses. Now Im going to share my circle lenses that I used recently ^^. Ellen Pop Panda brown sponsored by Klenspop, I've been read many good reviews about this lens and now I have chance to review it. 

First, I wanna introduce Klenspop to all of you, Klenspop is an online shop based in South Korea that not only sell various kind of lenses but also beauty products and accessories. The web is really easy to use, we can shop there easily , they also shipped worldwide.  The customer service is also kind and fast response, so don't hesitate to  send message to them if you have any problem. 

Lens  description:

Origin: Korea 
Diameter: 18.8mm
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Disposal: 6 months 
Price : $22 - now only 18$ ( Buy here )

image PACKAGING image

This lens comes with a box packaging, it really cute and eye catching. Inside the box we can find the lenses in the vial bottle, lens case and a tweezers. This is the cutest bottle I've ever seen, it has panda on it >3<. Usually when we buy lenses, we only got a free lens case, but here I also got a tweezers. Like it ^^

image COLOR AND PATTERN image 

The brown lenses look really natural on my eyes but still give me a dolly look even with simple make up. It is a 4 tones lens, I've never worn 4 tones lenses before, and its really amazing to wear.  The pattern itself is really pretty, the pattern is not noticeable from a far, but when we look closely it is really pretty. It look adorable too when we took a selfie. The pattern make my eyes lovable. 

image ENLARGEMENT image

I really love how the lens make may eyes look bigger and dolly.  The lenses are perfect to make dolly make up or gyaru make up. It instantly make my eyes look cute.

image COMFORT image

The lenses are pretty comfort, I can wear them until 8 hours with drops. I even didn't notice that I'm wearing lenses. 

image OVERALL image

Love this lenses, it really perfect for daily lens. I would recommend this for all of you who need a natural brown lenses but still wanna look cute ^^.

image Love:

image Lovely color and pattern 
image pretty comfort
image gives dolly effect

image Hate:

image none


Where to buy? 


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^ 




  1. Love the colour and the packaging is super cool! :)

    Lotte |

  2. I think i started loving Klenspop lenses a lot! these look really good and pretty on you x

  3. Aku nyoba Ellen Panda yang seri beda. Ini bagus banget di kamu say. Kaya boneka :3
    Lensesnya Klenspop nyaman gila. Aku pernah pakai sampe 13 jam ga pake tetes mata tetep enak-enak aja kaya baru pakai 10 menit :D

    1. thank you say.Eh masak smpe 13 jam. Haha g bgus loh buat mata pake softlens lama lama.

    2. Itu gara2 aku lagi diluar n lupa bawa tetes mata. Malah lupa kalo pake softlens. Hihi. Untungnya aku cuma sekali pengalaman pake softlens terlama :P

    3. hihi, yah gitu yah susahnya pake softlens klo sampe lupa bwa tetes matanya , harus pasrah, smg g terulang lg yah say XD kasian matanya ^^

  4. Aku liat yang ellen panda tipe ini emang pada jadi cute gitu ya hasilnya ♥_♥

    1. Iya. Pdahal patternya simple.bgt tp bs bikin jadi beda XD

  5. They look amazing on you! The packaging is so cute as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. you look beautyfull !
    awesome eyes :)
    kisses from poland :*

  7. Oh I love the box package, with art of girl instead of a real girl there.
    The lenses design is pretty too, and I think it suit you Tori.
    You look like a doll. ♡ (^ᆺ^)

    Ryu の Sekai

  8. entah kenapa, setiap liat make up matanya suka banget..


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