Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack

:iconcutehiplz: I wanna review Innisfree product today. It’s from Jeju volcanic line: the liquid nose pack. Yeah my other big problem is black head and white head XD. At first I was confused which product I will choose, so after some blog-walking I decided to give Innisfree  Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack a try. I’ve read some good review from some bloggers.

But I had bad experience when purchasing this from local online shop. If you wanna read about my bad experience you can read here. I made it separated on another post.


 Innisfree product are using 100% recycled paper.

Printed with soy ink. Great !!!

It comes in a plastic tube , so it’s hygienic enough for me. The amount is 40 ml, not too small nor too big, just enough, so its travel friendly.


This product is liquid nose pack type, the color is black and sticky. The consistency is really tick and sticky, when it completely dries, we can peel it of easily. It doesn’t like other peel-off nose pack. It doesn’t hurt at all when I peeled it of. It has strong scent, I dont know what scent it is but I'm quite familiar with this scent. I dont like the scent, coz its really strong when applying on my nose. Its make me dizzy a little. haha but the scent disappear after few minutes. Its really cooling when applying on my nose.

Ingredients: jeju volcanic pine mushroom, green complex ( Green tea, mandarin, cactus, orchid ). No paraben, no artificial colors, no mineral oil, no benzophenone.

How to use:

I put small amount on my finger then spread the liquid on my nose. Its hard to make thick and even layer cause the formula is too sticky. So its end up with uneven layer haha.  Wait for 10-15 minutes or until the nose pack dry.

This is before -after pic haha, It will look disgusting maybe, and Im not confident with it. But this liquid nose pack does a good work with my whiteheads, but not with my blackheads. T.T. My blackheads still remain on my nose. Its okay at least my whiteheads are removed. I keep using this liquid nose pack twice a week to remove my whiteheads .It leaves my nose clean and smooth



It was not as great as people reviewed on their blog. It didn’t do well at removing the blackhead.  I cant see much result in reducing my blackhead, but it does great job in removing my whitehead. However it leaves my nose clean and smooth after using this nose pack.

 image good at removing white head
 image travel friendly
 image it leaves my nose clean and soft

 image cant remove my black head well
 image hard to make tick layer
 image the scent

Repurchased? No, I wanna try other product.

See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~


  1. Oh Lucky I didnt buy the Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack. thank you for sharing it. I got the same problem too. I want to remove my blackhead. Because its so annoying.

    1. Yeah the important thing is removing the blackheads >3< but this product totally failed.

  2. For me I will prefer a thick layer and more effective results =D


    1. yeah but its hard to make a thick land even layer >,<

  3. It sounds amazing! But haha, it looks dark Dx

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. its just amazing for removing the whiteheads XD

  4. Oh wow! Sounds like a nice item to try. I like that it dries so that you can peel it off :)
    Celestial Love

    1. Yeah just give it a try maybe the result will be different for each person.

  5. This looks nice, it's too bad it didn't work for your blackheads ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. Kayaknya it works best kalau kamu uapin sebelumnya deh say. Sayang banget ga ampuh buat blackhead.
    Aku pakai model begini, punya The Face Shop yang Jeju Volcanic Clay. Cukup ampuh si buat aku.
    Nice review dear ^^

    1. emg ngaruh yah kalo diuapin dulu? baru tau hhehe. lain kali ak coba deh

  7. Ooh I love this type of mask.
    Following you!

    { }

  8. I love that Innisfree's packagings are made of recycled paper and use soy ink ♥
    My boyfriend buy this product, but did not see good results in his skin (although I must admit that he has great problems with pores and blackheads). Maybe I can use it and see what it can do for my blackheads and whiteheads.
    Thank you for the review!

  9. Hey did you have the problem of the gel separating from the black substance? Mine has separated and I can't fix it >_<

    1. no, mine is fine :0, can u still use the nose pack?

  10. Ah, I have the same one >,< You're right, it doesn't work well with blackheads. But it does leave my nose nice and clean, so I still use it a lot during summer. It seems to prevent blackheads from forming in the first place because it cleans out the pores~ (but maybe that's just wishful thinking haha...)

    1. I stop using this, I wanna find other good product T.T
      It seems tht this product doesnt work well on us hehe

  11. try to steam to open up your pore first then apply the mask :) and make it thicker haha then it may works


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