Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Etude House Water Color Blusher #Lilac

Hello, today's review is from Etude House product. Yapp Crazy Little Thing Called Water Color Blusher, lol XD Actually I rarely use blusher, but since I was a little bit curious with this kind of blusher, so I wanna give it a try.  There are 4 shades available pink, coral, apricot and lilac. Mine is lilac, why I chose this shade is I wanna create a baby face look. I've ever read that to create baby face look usually using lilac or purple blusher.

The package is just like a real water color, come in a plastic tube. Umm I think this packaging is cute enough for me. But not for the size so tiny product. Though it is travel friendly and didn't need many space in our make up pouch, the size is really disappointing me.

The back side is written the information about the product in Korean.

 Look! What a tiny product it is.

This product is quiet hygienic, since it comes in tube package. No need to much strength to squeeze the product. The blush will come out easily. Just worried a little if I put this on my make up pouch XD. 

Swatch on my hand, the texture is too runny not creamy because it is a water blusher type so it can blend easily on my cheeks.This product has scent like rose scent, I like it. But the result is not visible on my cheeks. It is just like a highlighter for me . Its not as I expected, that it will creates baby face look with lilac blusher. Maybe other color will give better pigmentation, but this lilac shade has no pigmentation on my cheeks.

Indoor light

Outdoor light


Easy to blend
Travel friendly


  Small size
  The lilac color is not noticeable

Repurchased? Though this is a good product, I wont repurchase this blusher. I can get other better blusher with the same price.


  1. Nice review, yeah I was going to say that too. the lilac color sounds nice but it doesn't show

    1. Yeah, u r right, it doesn't show on my face TT

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  3. awww i'm fune of etude house!their products are always so good!
    and i love ur eyes..
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    1. Yeah my cosmetic products are mostly from etude house .
      Thanks ^^ that makes my day.

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  5. I love this product! The packaging is so, so cute ;A; Great review~ c:
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. yeah its so cute but too small hehe. thanks Kiyomi ^^

  6. di foto swatch pipi terakhir baru agak kliatan ya warnanyaa.. >.<

    1. itu setelah 3layer baru agak kliatan Rin TT anw thanks uda mampir :D

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