Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cute Kakaotalk Themes Part 1

Nowadays, so many messengers that we used on our Smartphone. What messenger do you use? Kakaotalk, LINE, Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat, BBM or all of them? imageLol. So many messenger right, but for me I only use Kakaotalk and Whatsapp, even I also have account for Line, but only Kakao and WA on my Smartphone.  WA  is for chatting with my friends and family. Kakaotalk is for chatting with foreign friends. I don’t like use many messengers, so noisy haha image  Ok since I’m a sucker of cute things, my messenger also must be cute image thats why I use kakaotalk, which offers many cute themes u can purchase.  Now, I wanna share some cute Kakaotalk themes for u all XD yay image, if u wanna these themes just contact me through my email, twitter or facebook, then I will send the theme that u want through email XD.
And this is  Kakaotalk ,hehe image

Here are the cute themes   image 

image Badbadtzmaru And Friends

image Polefall

image Pucca Kiss Me Theme

 image  Pompompurin Buble Bath

image to be continued image

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