Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner #01 Pure Black

  Hi~~~ nice to meet u all ……….

This time I wanna review my gel eyeliner from Silky Girl. Actually I’ve bought this gel liner long long long time ago haha, but have no time to review it.  Got this from matahari department store, while shopping with my best friend. 

This is my first gel eyeliner, I usually use liquid liner before. I wanna try the gel liner so I chose this. This is a waterproof gel liner, and yess it is waterproof and a little bit hard to clean. But I dunno my eyes is a little bit sensitive maybe, its make my eyes itchy if I use it for a long time, even I have cleaned it. Sometimes it caused serious irritation. imageHuh .so I think I won’t often used this gel eyeliner. or maybe stop using it lol

the container is from tick glass, the amount is creamy 

the brush is neatly attached to the casing, easy to use

the swatches, thick and thin swatch
waterproof test, yes its waterproof 

rubbed, not smudgeproof

apply it on my eyes
image Likes :
  easy to get
the brush is easy to use

image  Dislikes :
makes me itchy and irritation (in my case) coz my eyes is a little bit sensitive.
hard to remove

Repurchased? NO NO NO haha, wanna try other gel eyeliner or maybe back to liquid liner that suit and friendly to my eyes.

image bye bye image


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