Friday, May 28, 2021

[ REVIEW ] : SOME BY MI AHA.BHA.PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Exfoliating Toner which can be used daily because its pretty gentle even on the sensitif skin. My skin is not only dry and sensitif, its somehow dull and rough if I choose wrong skincare. So I need a product that can help clear and wipe out all the dead cells and impurities completely. 

Then I tried this Somebymi AHA.BHA.PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner as my am pm skincare along with the other Miracle line. I got miracle on my skin after using this toner hahah. Im so happy and impressed how this toner work really well on me. 


It comes in green plastic bottle just like another Miracle Line packaging. It has small hole cap to take toner out. This kind of packaging is very simple and easy to use. 


Contains 10,000 ppm tea tree extract water, witch hazel extract, papaya extract , lotus flower extract. 

  • 10,000 ppm of Tea Tree Extracts (→ Skin soothing & sebum control // Skin's oil & water level balancing // Disinfection & inflammation alleviation)
  • Virginia Witch Hazel Extracts (→ Natural AHA component // Pore cleansing & dead skin cells removal // New skin layer generation)
  • Papaya Extracts (→ Sebum & dead skin cells control // Skin soothing // Brighten blemishes & freckles)
  • Lentil Extracts (→ Skin protection // Immunity enhancement // Nutrition supplement)
  • Swiftlet Nest Extracts (→ Antioxidation // Cell generation // Skin resilience)
  • Lotus Extracts (→ Skin refinement // Soothing // Conditioning)


This Miracle Toner has low PH level which is very gentle and can be used daily for sensitive and delicate skin. Its suitable for sensitive skin as it already completed with skin irritation test and hypoallergenic test. 

It can completely wipe out the dead skin and dirt, so we dont have to worry about getting flaky makeup due to the dead skin. 

Its also effective for controling pore, removing blackheads, brightening, moisturizing and wrinkle improvment. 


After cleansing, I use this Miracle Toner using cotton to wipe out the remaining dead skin and dirt on my skin. It remove the skin waste completely. The good thing is that its also soothing and calming my sensitive skin. 

It has watery consistency, easily absorb into the skin. Its not completely sink and dry, it leaves my skin moist and hydrate too. 

I also can see that my skin gets brighter and doesnt look dull at all. It helps skin texture as well, I can feel my skin gets smoother and brighter. 

I can say that since I have used this toner, my skin got better. I can see a big difference in just the first week of using it. I no longer have redness in certain parts of my face and my skin is more evenly toned. Now my skin is so clear, smooth, and hydrated.

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