Wednesday, July 4, 2018


After waiting about 3 weeks finally my package from Rosegal had arrived. It took longer probably because the long national holiday in Indonesia. Usually it only took 10-14 days to arrive. But still 3 weeks is also fast for international shipping time right? :D 

I chose 2 lace dresses from my last Rosegal summer wishlist ( review here ). I also ordered 2 palette from Focallure. So here they are XD 

This is my favorite dress, I got so many compliments wearing this ^^. Im S size, but only M size available so the dress is a lil bit bigger for me. Its still wearable anw, only the sleeves that too long for my arms hahah, so I cut and sewed hahah. And the dress length become midi dress on me ( poor me, I'm too petite XD ).

The dress is so lovely and kawaii, I think it would be perfect to create Japanese Mori style. It has really good material of the lace also in a good price. 

You can just wear this as a dress or wearing pants to match with the dress. Here I match the dress with loose jeans to get this unique yet kawaii style. 

The second dress is lovely too. I love everything about the dress, I think its perfect to wear this for party or another formal events. Its a lil bit too much to wear for daily/ hangout because of the bead parts. 

The lace quality is so - so in my opinion. The lace isn't elastic made material so its a lil bit loose on  the sleeves. I just love the ruffles part so much, this is tht make the dress look cute and adorable.

This eyeshadow palette from Focallure has really great quality compare with its affordable price. Thats why this brand is being popular here in Indonesia. I already had some Focallure palette, then when I saw it in Rosegal I decided to get another palette from Focallure. 

I got both the Everchanging and Tropical Vacation palette. The Everchanging palette is more colorful with high pigmentation while the Tropical Vacation mostly natural color that perfect for daily. 

Here I create soft red makeup with Tropical vacation Palette. Im amaze with the pretty color of the palettes. I wanna play and create some other eyemakeup with them next time ^^. 

This month, for celebrating Rosegal 5th Anniversary, you will find so many sales, deals and vouchers. Please find discound code RGMine, then you will get a discount ( over $25 save $3, over $50 save $6, over $100 save $12) (23-3, 50-6, 100-12 ).

Rosegal is 5 years old, they make a big promotion for their anniversary. You will have a chance to win $500 coupons. Just visit their website right now to win your coupon ^^.


See yaa ~~ on my next post ^^


  1. Dress yang kedua cakep Put 😍

  2. Love the look and eye shadows have gorgeous colours xoxo Cris

  3. The dress is gorgeous
    you look great wearing it.
    Love your pics.


  4. Amazing pics, I love the dress, looks so cute! And the eyeshadows are beautiful too ^^

    Freak Muffin Blog

  5. Love that white dress on you.
    Look so fresh and chic.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  6. Kawai banget beb dressnya, aku suka banget lace dress gitu, cantik banget soalnya :D

    Btw Focallurenya itu palette yang juga pengen kubeli huhuhu jadi mupeng bgt T.T

    1. makasihh beb.
      beli beb. bgus ak sukaa . ~♡

  7. Love looks and beautiful photos!

  8. I love your dress. I can see how it has such a good quality of fabric.

    Joy to the World

    1. yeah the dress ahs such a great quality. thanks ^^~

  9. You look amazing dear!!! Love this look on you!
    Great styling as always!
    much love, Len

  10. You really look cute with white lace dress, like, literally cute!
    Love the outfit so much! <3


  11. Lace dress nya cakep banget! Kamu cocok deh pakai ini jadi makin cute. 😍 Foccalure tuh emang ya murah tapi 1 palette nya banyak warna. Dari dulu mau beli tapi masih banyak eyeshadow. πŸ˜‚

  12. beeeb aku suka banget sama dress putihnyaa, elegant dan kawaii yaaa, cocok nih dipake buat event, cantik

  13. Imut banget dress nya, manis gitu di pakenya, di tambah lagi eyeshadow nya cocok sama bajunya

  14. The first one is so pretty, only a little oversized for you ;) Still you look cute wearing this one, like it.

  15. Gak bisa milih diantara dua...
    Semuanya cantik dan cocok di badan kak Tori.
    Dan warnanya putih.
    Cocok untuk segala jenis acara formal dan semi-formal, bebh.

  16. same with other, for the first, I thought that you will review your dress, hihihi actually I got wrong when read more then. You're so cute.

  17. Waahh aku melihat diskoon �� wkwk jd pengen belanja juga deh, btw dress nya gemes bangeet

  18. Dresssnya gemay bangeeet. Tapi kalau di Rosegal jual pakaian untuk plus size juga nggak ya? Soalnya rada susah nih beli fashion plus size yang modelnya lucu-lucu kaya gini.

  19. cantik amat sih beb... btw, aku suka deh eyeshadownya focallure, warnanya cantik-cantik ya beb.

  20. Super love with lace dress beb. And you look so gorgeous with them.

  21. Ini dressnya cantik sekali ya terkesan Classy dan glamour sekali apalagi dipadukan makeup yang natural


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