Saturday, June 27, 2015

Review: Barbie Choco Circle Lens ( Dueba )

:iconcutehiplz:, yeah Circle lens review today. Barbie Choco Eyes circle lens, I wore this lens recently, and I love it so much >3<. I think this is the comfy lens I ever wore hahah.  I got this from Uniqso few months ago. I need a natural lens color coz I dont wanna get same questions from my students all the time. hahah  Are you wearing circle lens Ms? why are your eyes so big Ms? Why are your eyes different everyday? My all students ask me the same questions all the day haha. Thats why I chose this lens, natural color and simple design, but still it gives dolly effect to me.

Lens detail: 
Brand                       : Barbie ( Dueba )
Base Curve              : 8.6 mm
Diameter                  : 16.2mm
Color Tones             : 1 tone ( Choco / brown )
Water Content         : 38%
Disposal Period       : 12 months
Price                       : $16.90 ( buy here )

 Uniqso package it very well. 

The packaging comes in vial bottle. the design is simple but cute, even the cap is super cute with ribbon design. Overall, I love the packaging.


This only comes in 1 tone, brown/ choco. The design is really simple and natural. It really suit for daily wear. The color blends in really beautiful on my dark brown eyes. I wear them to work and nobody notices that I'm wearing lenses, and think that they are my real eyes. Even my students didn't notice that I wore them.


These lenses are 16.2mm in diameter, seriously it really gives a dolly effect. They make my eyes bigger but still very natural. The enlargement effect is awesome. My eyes look prettier after some make up. I love it ^^


These are pretty comfy for their size. Even when the first time wore this lens, they sat perfectly on my eyes.  I haven't had any problems wearing them so far. I've worn them for up to 8 hours straight with no issues in a day , i didn't feel dry at all. I've worn this lens for about 4 months as my daily lens.


I love this lens, the thing I loved about this lens was that they look really natural. They made my eyes look bigger, and super comfy. If you are looking for a comfy lens, I would recommend this lens.


Pretty comfy
dolly eyes



Repurchased? Yes ^^

I wore the lenses on my lil' sister's wedding :D


See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~


  1. Cakeeeep!
    Dolly banget hihii (•ө•)♡
    Tapi kebesaran diameternya di aku, ga bisa masuk ke mata yg kiri ntar hahha XDD

    1. Hehe makasih :3
      Hlo knp g bisa? g bs pake yg dia besar yah? :0

    2. Iya ga bisa.
      14.80 aja udah butuh perjuangan -___-

    3. yahh sayang bgr, tp masih bnyk kok soflen yg bagus tp diameter kecil ^^ hehe

  2. Hii tori!!

    You look so lovely and natural look with the lens ♡♡
    How long can this lens can wear until disposable?
    Hehe miss u xD


    1. Hi Sharon.

      Hehe thanks pretty :3

      The disposal period is 12 months but usually I just wear the lens for 6 months for safety.

      Miss u too XD

  3. Wow, so doll-like! They really make a big difference!

    { }

  4. I didn't expect the ring to be that big. There's not much pattern to it so it's not my kind of lenses, thanks for the review though :)

    1. actually the lens doesnt has ring, its only natural pattern .
      thanks for dropping by ^^

  5. Oh, these sound lovely! They look so pretty on you ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. You look so gorgeous! Love the top ^^

  7. Wow this seems to be a good lens & I love the last photo of you with that dolly make up, so cuuuute! <3


  8. Oh I love it the effect is super pretty and dolly

  9. A bit scary but i like it :DD

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  10. wow, this effect is fantastic, little scare me, but you have a bigggg eyes, XOXO
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  11. nice pieces

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  13. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours and I follow you now. :-) By the way, you look very beautiful with these circle lenses. :-)

    Kisses from Spain


  14. I like this review ;) and btw you are so pretty :) I am following you back :)

  15. wow!! Y r so cute <3

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  16. Love it, great review! You look beautiful!
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  17. Cute like a doll!

  18. cocok banget ke kamu, mirip banget sama boneka ^^

    hope you follow me back ya ^^ salam kenal :)


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