Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: Garnier Color Naturals Cream #3.16 Burgundy

image Today is sponsored review: Garnier Color Natural Cream. Garnier Indonesia kindly send me a packet of Garnier Color Natural Cream. They chose me to join their #Mythbuster program, to tell the reader that coloring hair is safe and doesn't damage our hair and also it is easy to dye hair at home without going to the hair salon.

As my mom always nags to me to darken my hair color, so I will grant her wish hahah ( at least just for a short moment, coz I've decided to dye my hair again later >,< sorry mom ) 
Im so curious to open the box, found 5 boxes of Garnier Color Natural ( #1 black, #3 Darkest Brown, #3.16 Burgundy , #4 Brown and #5 Light Brown), a towel, pouch and CD. I have seen this hair colorant from long time ago in supermarket, now I have chance to try this product ^^. 

So I'm giving the Burgundy one a try, since I've never dyed this color before. I'm eager to know if this color suit with me or not XD haha. I dont really expect too much for this color will turn out like Song Ji Hyo's hair in Emergency Couple drama since its a natural hair colorant. The color will turn out more natural or tend to black color.

The packaging is written about the information and how to use the hair color in Bahasa, English and Thailand. The color chart doesn't has list for light hair also XD omg.
This pack contains:

1. Cream hair colorant tube
2. Developer milk bottle
3. Instruction leaflet
4. gloves

Such a shame there is no conditioner hair treatment inside, I hope this hair colorant wont dry my hair badly >3< .

Here was my previous hair, it was brown hair.

How to use the Garnier Color Natural Cream:

1. Prepare a plastic or glass bowl and hair coloring brush
2. Wear the plastic gloves
3. Mix Colorant 1 and 2 in a bowl, mix it well
4. Apply the cream all over the hair, leave it for 30-40 minutes
5. Rinse  thoroughly with warm water, wash normally with shampoo and conditioner

I dont really expect much since I only use 1 box, but surprisingly it turn really even and black at the first time. I though that the burgundy color didnt show up, but when direct the sunlight I noticed the reddish color in my hair. It smells good too after coloring and hey, it didnt dry my hair at all though there is no conditioner. Anw I got a lot of compliments after coloring my hair, my friends said that dark/black hair suit me better and make me look innocent and mature ( what!!! XD lol ) and of course my mom is really happy with my new hair. XD

Overall, I highly recommended this product for you who wanna dye ur hair in natural color. It really easy to apply with hand and doesn't make hair dry, even it smell heavenly comparing to usual hair colorant. It doesn't smell bad at all. It is true that this hair colorant is safe and doesn't damage my hair, also I dont need to go to hair salon to dye my hair. ^^

image Like:

even result
smells nice
doesn't dry my hair
easy to apply
image Dislike:
no conditioner treatment cream
the color doesn't show up in room light, tend to black than burgundy color


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^




  1. Looks nice and convenient to use! The color turns our natural look on you my dear =D

    Sharon Lee

    1. yeah this hair colorant is really convenient to use ^^ thank u Sharon >3<

  2. Uaaa pas kena cahaya burgundy nya bagus banget! I think this color is better than the previous one! ^^

    1. iya lumayan keluar warnanya ^^ thank you Gadis >3<

  3. Aww the sailor moon at the end is really cute! Also, too bad it shows up as black most of the time :c Both colors look good on you tho! (black and burgundy)

    Passion Blog |

    1. Thank you ^^ yeah since its a natural color, so it tends to black usually . ^^

  4. Wah bagus ya... Natural banget... Aku juga dah waktunya retouch nihhh.. Lagi bingung antara going natural atau going bold. Hihihihi... Baca ini jd makin galau deh... Abis bagus bener...

    1. hihi, coba natural dulu, klo g puas bru coba yg lebih gonjreng XD

  5. agree !!
    you look pretty with that hair color !

  6. aku mau warnain rambut tp takut rambutku tambah rusak deh huhu. but the colour great on you^^

    1. gpp sih klo pngen ngewarnain rambut, yg pnting pilih cat rambut yg bagus dan perawatan yg tepat setelah pewarnaan ^^ jg takut buat nyoba yg penting ^^

  7. Replies
    1. ak jg mau coba yg light brown sebenernya, cm rmbut q udah brown jd mau coba yg burgundy aja ^^

  8. Bagus juga yaa gak bikin kering. :D Ntar mau coba ah, lagi pengen gelapin rambut soalnya bosen warna rambutku hampir mirip before-nya kamu. XD

    1. iya, kirain bkin kering ternyata g. baunya jg harum.
      iya kadang pngen ganti ganti warna rmbut ^^

  9. It looks great on you! I don't really use garnier hair products since it doesn't work with my hair type, but I love the colour that comes up in your hair, it's cute! x
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