Friday, March 14, 2014

Etude House Rosy Tint #8 After Blossom

Hehe nyuri2 waktu buat nulis blog :iconcutehiplz:. sibuk banget sekarang image I need more days off. haha. Anyway I wanna review my new baby Etude House Rosy Tint #8 After Blossom, finally I purchased this liptint. I really wanna try this kind of liptint. :iconbunnyloveplz:

There are 8 shades color available.

1. Before Blossom 2. Sunny Flower 3. Rose Petal 4. Sweet Posion 5. Baby Poeny
6. English Garden 7. Tea Rose 8. After Blossom

I chose shade #8 After blossom, this is really awesome color, burgundy color. imageThe texture is cream and really pigmented. Usually I apply lip balm before apply this liptint , bcoz this liptint a little bit makes my lips dry. But its okay since I love the matte finish.image This product is long lasting enough if u not eating and drinking, just fade a little bit when u drink. I suggest using straw when drinking lol.

This product comes in a tube package. It made from thick plastic thats way its hard to squeeze this liptint. image Need some effort to make the product come out in the right amount.

 This is when I applied this produck\t on my full-lips, without filter.  I also use this product as a blush cream, but the color didnt come out in the picture. Actually it really pigmented on my cheeks.

image Like:

  Matte finish
  Cute package

image Dislike:

Hard to squeeze

 Repurchased? yess , I wanna try another color. next maybe Tea Rose and Baby Poeny

image bye bye image


  1. yg jadi wishlistku itu yg tea rose , pengen beli cuman takut ga kepake huhu jd bingung juga mau beli atau ngga :( tp emang cakep" wih warnanya

    1. ak jg pngen nyoba yg te rose, warnanya natural jd pasti kepake trus . klo yg after blossom ini pas acar2 tertentu aja makenya, jd jarang kepake jg :(
      Im following ur blog

  2. Ooooh, this looks soo cute :D And the colors look lovely! And you look sooo adorable and those lenses look very good on you too. The background song is sweet! *w*

    loves The Mad Twins
    Ps: circle lenses giveaway on the blog

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog ^^ followed ur blog ^^

  3. waaaoooou.. this is amazing blog, pal! haha :D


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