Thursday, December 1, 2022


Hi hi everyone it has been a long time I didnt active on my blog. But today I’m back with a pause that probably will be helpful for you who wants to find comfy and trendy activewear or shape wear. Usually they came with an ordinary or boring style that today. There are so many kind trendy say we are we can choose so it will make us more confident and happy when we wear it even in a public area such as at the gym or at the park as we use it during exercise or work out. 

But trendy and colorful shapewear is not enough, they should have be comfy, and made from a good material too. So here I will recommend an online shop where you can find a bunch of activewear or workout clothes. Yeah its SHAPELLX.COM, Where you can find the best active wear for women. You can shop the most trendy shape wear with many choices and in a good price for sure. They provide from s to 3XL size of all the collections. 

This will be your best experience for shopping a trendy, and fancy shape wear with a pretty great quality product. You can express and live up your personality with the shape wear you choose there. They all made from high quality and come in an  affordable price as they always has shapewear sale at every special moment. Anw here are some of my recommendations from their website. 

PowerConceal™ Premium Active Set

This active set comes in many color choice that will look great for every women to wear. This not only make you look in a good shape but also can boost your confidence when you wear it. This active set is made with recycled materials, which is very soft and flexible. The high waist bottom will give a great tummy support and a natural that lifting effect.

Anw for some of you who still lack of confidence and didn’t wanna expose your skin too much while wearing active wear , you can try to wear long sleeve yoga set for your workout outfit. Yess off course you can find them at the

PowerConceal™ Long Sleeve Active Set

You love this set so much and you will get many compliments while wearing this. It has flattering and fit shape that will perfect for your daily workout outfit as it made from comfy material as well. 

This probably becomes my favorite set as it made with ultra thin fabric and trendy logo. Its designed with cool wide elastic waistband which is looked very stylish and classy. This set will really fit and comfy to wear. 

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