Saturday, December 10, 2022

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Since I was young I've been paying attention to whether the things I use will give an impact for the environment or not. I began reducing the use of plastic or things that cant harm the environment. I bought and use the things that can be recycled and durable. I started the things around me first, at least for the houseware things my family prefer uses things made from great materials so we will lessen the waste. Not only good for the environment but the materials are pretty safe to use. Rather than using things made of plastic or glassware, we choose silicone material. Not only for adults this also safe and practical for baby or kids. 

Here I want to introduce an online store  Newtoprubber which focused on producing silicone products. They are one of the leading silicone manufacturers in China and provide the customer needs in wholesale or customized. Their products cover baby and mother products, kitchenware, household items and pet products. As the best custom silicone mold manufacturer, they also accept the customer customized product requests according to the customer needs.  

We can find many best silicone products there, not only for babies but also our daily needs such as housewares, kitchen utensils. And for babies they produce a food-grade silicone baby products, feeding utensils, silicone teether and silicone breast pump

Here are some of their best silicone products that have great quality and made with no toxic materials (BPA free) bacteria-resistant, UV resistant, tasteless and odorless.

Wholesale Food Grade Silicone Storage Container Lunchbox Custom Made

It made with environmentally friendly silicon raw materials. It made of a premium material which are soft and flexible, heat resistant and easy to clean. It’s suitable for microwave, ovens and refrigerator. 

Hot Sale Silicone Ice Sphere Mold Tray Spill Proof Kitchen 

Silicone ice trays is better than the plastic one as they are more flexible to squeeze and more durable than ice trays made from plastic. The important thing is it safe, has food grade quality and more environmental friendly. The silicone material is more tightly sealed so it prevents from spilling. 

Hot BPA free Portable Silicone Baby Beach Toys Bulk

This baby beach toy is not only safe for kids but also save the space as it’s flexible and can fit into our suitcase when traveling to the beach with the kiddos. It can be customized upon our request too. 

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