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Jumiso First Skin-Brightening Sheet Mask is the next product that I will share ^^. Who love applying sheet mask as skincare routines here? I would rise my hand voluntary for sure XD when Im not at my lazy mode, I usually wear sheet mask every night. But as my days are getting tired and tired I wear twice a week these days.

There are 5 variants of mask pack from Jumiso, 
1. Jumiso First Skin Brightening Mask
2. Jumiso Water Splash Mask 
3. Jumiso Chewy Elasticity Mask 
4. Jumiso Rich Nourishment Mask 
5. Jumiso Whoa Whoa- Soothing Mask



The First Skin Brightening Mask has white packaging. I love the design for the packaging, the girl illustration is really represent me when Im a home haha. and white poodle also super cute. omg this duo is killing me with cuteness. Its a mask pack, there are 5ea sheet mask in a box. 



☆ Salmon egg extract: salmon roe is a source rich of vitamins A and E, which is effective to improve the skin tone
☆ Ceramide Complex: helps the skin to become smoother and improve firmness
☆ Gigawhite: it comes from fresh air and water of Swiss Alp , helps to even the skin tone and improve skin texture
☆ Niacinamide: helps to brighten the skin

As we see from the ingredients which are great and effective in improving skintone, this mask will be perfect for us who have dull skin problem. 


Its 100% cotton fabric sheet mask, there is mesh sheet so dont forget to remove it while wearing the mask. The sheet mask is thin and fit perfectly onto my face. It's well designed, so its breathable and has good adherence when applying it on the face. 

The sheet soaks well with the clear and thick essence. As it contains 26ml of essence usually another mask only contains 20ml .so there are much leftover and then I put them in a jar so tht I can use the essence for my morning skincare in the next day haha. 

How to use : 
1. After cleansing apply toner
2. Put the mask on to the skin, remove the mesh sheet only 
3. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask 
4. Tap and massage gently for better absorption as the face are soaked with the remaining essence
* use along with JumisoYes, I am Toner,  Jumiso All day Vitamin Brightening Serum and Jumiso Have A Good Cream for best result.



It brightens instantly after using this mask. My skin still looks healthy and glowy in the next morning. The essence absorbs well into the skin while I pat gently after remove the sheet. It doesnt leave greasy feeling at all. Tot it leaves my skin wet after a while.  After using this mask I apply the Jumiso All day Vitamin Brightening Serum for better result.


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Brand : 

Product Name : 
 Jumiso First Skin-Brightening Sheet Mask (5ea)

Where to Buy :

Price : 
$ 12.50




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