Sunday, September 6, 2020


Tummy tuck is one of the biggest problem for every woman. Fortunately now we can hide it instantly by wearing perfect women body shaper for sucking up all of tummy tuck / fat. Women sometimes have difficulty finding shape wear that will fit well. You will pleasantly surprise at the variety of styles and the sizes of cheap shapewear you can try on. 

Nowadays many online wholesale waist trainer can be found easily. It provides all size shapewear up to plus size. Waist trainers are good item to hide the lower belly fat through firm compression on your stomach. 

Here I will introduce which is an online shape wear stores, they sells various kind of shapewear in affordable price and ofc in great quality. These are some of shape wears I would recommend for you from this store. 

This shape wear is specially designed for evening dresses and wedding dresses. It features rubber bone on the side of the waist to prevent curling. It is amazing body shaper as it will reduce your waist and lifts your butt instantly. This also gives great fit and looks flawless under dresses. 

This would be a great shapewear to emphasize your natural curves. It will reduce your waist, tummy and thights so you will get an hourglass shape body instantly. You will love how comfy this shape wear for daily wear or under your favorite dress. It also has crotless design for easy bathroom use. 

This high-waist shaper targets your waist and thigh to trim your waist and compress your legs perfectly. This waist trainer promotes sweat so it can help you with weight loss. It has comfortable, stretchy and lightweight material which is why it will pretty comfy for daily wear or gym activities. 


  1. liat bodynya kok aku insecure ya hahahaa bisa kayak gitar spanyol gitu :) aku pernah beli korset, ga bisa napas donk

  2. Bisa nih kupakai biar body lebih singset hehe, makasih rekomendasinya yah!

  3. Tertarik nih sama women shapewearnya langsung kebayang nanti bakal gimana bentuk bodynya hihi

  4. Wah body-nya pada aduhay banget. Kapan ya aku bisa punya badan kaya gitu. Kepingin deh shapewear-nya tapi kayanya gak bakalan ada yang muat sama aku. Hiks.

  5. Wah, belum pernah pakai shapewear.. kira2 berapa lama pemakaian mba sampai terlihat perubahannya?

  6. Pakai shapewear memang bisa membantu ngebentuk tubuh agar singset.
    Suka banget sama body shape nya. Kereen~

  7. Jadi keliatan langsing kalau pakai ini ya. Keingetan film titanic, org2 dulu pakai ginian utk bisa singset ya.

  8. Shapewear keren ini buat yang bikin bentuk body goals ya Kak. Asikknya ada beginian udah gampang mah sekarang ga perlu diet


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