Friday, April 29, 2016

Haul: March - April Collective Haul

Hallo, today I wanna share my collective haul from image to  image to. I dont shop alot XD just buy thing that I really need. This time is not only beauty haul but also fashion haul and some items that I got from giveaway and sponsored products. Nowdays, I prefer to buy beauty products directly from Testerkorea, since the shipping is really fast and cheaper than bought from local online shop ^^. So I dont need to wait for a long time haha. 

image BEAUTY HAUL image

yeah as I said before, I bought all off them from Testerkorea and the other I got from giveaway  ( Etude House products )  ^^. Lets take a look what I have bought from Testerkorea.

Testerkorea Haul


image Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Special Set #21 ( Line Friends Edition #Sally ) image 

Dunno why , the Sally cushion is so cute and I wanna try the lighter shade from Missha magic cushion, so I bought this cutie. This time I got the new version , which is 1 cushion set + 1 refill + 1 puff. Maybe I cant review it soon, since I still have 2 cushions to empty >3< 

image A'pieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream ( Crayon Shincan Edition ) image 

As I run out of my facial cream, so I wanna try another moisturizer cream. When A'pieu collaborated  with Crayon Shincan, it has cute packaging and affordable price so I give it a try. It has Shiro ( Shincan's dog ) printed on it >3< so cute. I hope this product work well on me ^^

image The Face Shop X Kakao Friends Soul Perfume #Apeach image

I think Apeach is the loveliest among the other Kakao Friends, haha its my favorite. Look at the Apeach on the bottle, its so cute with the flower crown. haha. 

image The Face Shop Melting Color Lip Creamer ( Kakao Friends Edition ) image

This is another Kakao Friends Edition that I want to have, the lip creamer. But Since the color are almost similar so I bought the Apeach and Muzy

Etude House Haul from Celestial Love's Giveaway

image Etude House Collagen Moistfull Colagen Cream image

I'm glad that I got this skincare, I wanna try this since along time . Now, I got a chance to try this out ^^

image Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #Balck image

Actually I dont really like applying mascara, since my eyes are really sensitive >3<.  But Im so happy to get this, absolutely will try this :P since it claims that can curl even tiny lashes for 24 hours.

image Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit image

Im rarely wear bb cream nowdays, since I prefer wearing cushion. Etude House BB cream has good coverage imo, but I havent tried the Perfect Fit ( usually I wear the Cotton Fit ).


If you had read my post about my cosplay plan, u will know why I bought these items :P. The Umaru cloak and the umaru wig I bought from Taobao XD ahh its so addicting to shop there, and the Sailormoon Luna/Artemis shoulder bag I got from Ebay

image Umaru Chan Wig and Cloak image 

Omg really love the cloak XD its super duper soft. haha. It really comfy and warm to wear haha. Im a little bit disappointed with the wig, the bang is really thin >3<. But fortunately the wig is really soft and untangle-able.  Will make the full review soon :P and do the cos-test. 

image Anime Sailor Moon Luna Shoulder Bag image

I got this after winning an auction XD their regular price is GBP 16.00. I just purchased this for GBP 11.50 about $16 ) such a good deal right. The bag is just perfect and similar with the pic on the website. ^^


I got it from Klenspop and Clarice Soflenses. Im so happy to had a chance to review them ^^ I had reviewed the lenses, you can read here.

So thats all of my haul, whats your haul this month, pls share and leave ur blog post I will be glad to visit and read yours ^^

Oia, karena aku jadi ketagihan belanja di Taobao yg harganya emang murah murah, ak mau buka po Taobao, what do you think? ada yg tertarik kah? bisa follow instagram q yah for more details ^^ @torichux3


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^




  1. aaa ada shiro *-*
    aku penasaran sama etude house collagennya :)

    1. haha kayaknya si shiro ini yg paling lucu packagingnya XD
      ak jg penasarn tp blum sempet coba sih haha

  2. ahh everything you got is so cute >w< I have the etude house moistfull collagen cream too, it's the only moisturizer I have/use ^^ Oh and I love the Luna bag sm <3 I thought of getting the Artemis version ㅋㅋㅋ

    1. Yeah I can resist cute packaging ^^ I wanna but the artemis too hahah

  3. ohhhh we have the same sailor moon bag!

    1. haha it really cute right? thanks for stopping by ^^

  4. Lucuuuu bangeeet haul nyaa!
    Perfume nya lucuu!Menurut kamu, wangi nya awet nggak?

    1. hihi makasih ^^
      blum ak coba, ntar deh ak review klo udah ak coba hahah

  5. wow!! the products are so cute!!!
    have a great weekend

  6. Beautiful haul, Tori. Happy Sunday, doll.

  7. The perfume has such a cute design!

  8. Baru tau a'pieu ada kolaborasi sama sinchan! Ya ampun shiro lucu sekali di sana >___<b Ini kalau anakku lihat pasti minta deh hahaha~

    1. sayangnya cm produk skincare collabnya yg sma shinchan haha
      ciee anaknya ato mamahnya yg pengen XD

    2. Ah kamuuu~ Anakku kok anakku #ngeles XDDD

    3. haha, mamahnya jg mau kalah sma anaknya ya ce XD

  9. Yg perfume peach nya cute bgt ❤️❤️❤️

  10. That bag though! so cute OMG! Congratulation for winning the giveaway. hehe. Also, you makes me wanna buy things from TesterKorea. Cheaper eh? Wonder if it's cheaper than Althea..;O

    ieyra | blog

    1. Haha thank you, love the bag so much even its not the real one. haha Umm yeah I think purchasing from TK is cheaper, i haven't checked from Althea


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