Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

imageHappy New Year 2014 image 

Yeah the first post in 2014, huh the time runs so fast. I hope this year will be my year. Amin. Throwback to last year that was not too special for me. People come and go, falling in love, a betrayal, being a fan of cosmetics lol, unlucky job seeker, yeah thats my 2013. The most special was just my graduation day haha

This year I just wanna live happier than last year, around my family, my best friend and people who still stay by my side haha image. I wont care everything that will ruin my happiness, so bad people just go away hush hush image dont bother me, or I'll just kick ur ass.I dunno why many haters from my past, though I never done bad things to them. So irritated. *stroke my hair*

Ah this year I wanna live peacefully, happier and find my Mr. Right image haha but the important thing is I wanna find a good job first  lol image haha and add more cute make up collections image learn to cook, preparing to be a good wife soon lol image.
As time went on my wishlist will increase more and more, haha I will think of it later XD image

So , how about u? tell me tell me  imageI'm curious to know about it hehe.

image bye bye image

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