Tuesday, October 31, 2023


Do u usually list down the things that you wanna buy or we usually called wishlist things? I don’t do this as I will randomly buy whatever I saw things that I want are on sale o in a best deal price. But I realized this behavior is wrong haha because I will buy things that I really don’t need it. So I decided that from now on I will make my wish list organized, and will only buy the things I really want and really used it. I will make “ wishlist post” regularly on my blog so I can track it and motivate me. Okay then, for my first wish list post here they are. 

Longchamp LE PLIAGE GREEN L TOTE BAG- Petal pink

Actually I never thought that I would fall in love with Longchamp bag, because usually I love to wear small and cute designs bag. Most of the bags that I have are from Kate Spade, because they often has pretty and cute collection. But this time, after spending much time scrolling my Instagram feed, I found out that this back is pretty and catch my attention. Sadly the color that adore the most is out of stock here. Anyway I put this on top of my wishlist because I really want this. 

I think its time for me to upgrade my phone, I need phone that has better camera for making contents. Still confused between IPhone 15 or IPhone 14 Pro max 😅.

New Balance 574+ Women's Sneakers Shoes - Brown

I dont really like using sneakers when I go out, but then when I travelled I think I need one that will be comfortable to wear for walking all day. I have one from Reebok X BT21 but the shoes are not comfy enough. Anw I don’t know these will be comfy or not, but I love the 574+ design. It comes in a thick sole or chunky design, that will support my petite body to look taller a lil bit XD. I also saw many Japanese women ( mostly petite girls) wore these shoes and I think they look very nice and cute. I will definitely purchase them soon. If you wear them too please leave a testimonial in the comments below.

                                 CARLYN COZY L - IVORY 


My another wishlist bag is Cozy bag from Carlyn. Carlyn is Korean local brand that being popular nowadays. Because some of Korean Idols and artists are wearing their bags, no wonder they are gaining popularity vastly. They even already had a chain store here in Indonesia. The Cozy bag has a unique and cute design. The bag can be used as sling bag or tote bag as the strap is adjustable. If I can’t get the Longchamp, probably I will purchase this bag first. 

AMUSE Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion

My last wishlist is Amuse Cushion from their Daisy Collection, few months ago the had newly launched their collection. The daisy collection is so pretty and adorable. I still have many BB cushions to finish, so after I finish some I would probably buy this cushion because it’s limited edition. If this hasn’t available in your country, you can purchase it from Olive Young global, they offer worldwide shipping. You can use this code for more discount “ TORICHUCHU1 “

Thats all of my wishlist recently, when I purchasing them I will update and share my first impressions here in my blog. Do you have your wishlist too? Please share your top 3 lists in the comments below, I would love to know it ❤️.