Wednesday, November 2, 2022

FREAKYNINE - Premium Tattoo Stickers from Korean Tattooist

 Have you ever wanted to make some tattoos on your body? Actually, I never imagined or thought about it at all as tattoos are always represent as negative things. But nowdays tatoos comes in a different vibe, they are colorful (pastel color indeed) and pretty cute. Still Im afraid to make one XD lol. I always think this will be really hurt and harm my skin. 

Im so happy that I found FreakyNine, yeah finally I got an idea to use temporary tattoo instead :D. I can find many pretty and cute tattoos from Korean tattooist there. All the tattoos are designed by famous Korean tattooists who are contracted exclusively to FreakyNine. I ever used temporary tattoos before but the tattoos from FreakyNine is different. They are premium stickers that more durable and pretty easy to apply. Yes they are waterless, so we don’t need any water to apply the tattoo stickers. 

The tattoos are safe to be used at any age because its temporary stickers. They don’t cause any irritation or inflammation. But if there is a case, please immediately remove the stickers. 

They are so perfect to use to complete my daily fashion and it easily to be styled with as many as tattoo stickers I wand from different tattooist. There are many kinds of tattoos we can find there: cute, unique or simple. You can choose as you wish based on your taste or personality. These temporary tattoos will last for 2-5 days. 


Step 1. Wipe the area of adherence with the enclosed alcohol swab. 

Step 2. Cut out the design you want with scissors. 

Step 3. Remove the tattoo film from the white protective paper and place it on the desired area. 

Step 4. Press onto the sticker for about 10-20 seconds. 

Step 5. Lift the edge to check that the sticker has adhered to the area and slowly remove it. 

The white outline of the sticker right after adhering disappears with a wet wipe or, naturally, with time. 


Soak the area where the tattoo sticker has been adhered to with warm water for a while. Evenly apply an oil-based cleanser, leave for a few minutes, and wipe with a pushing motion.

I choose some of cute and unique tattoos. Mostly I choose from Doran Tattooist as all of her arts are comes in a cute design and colourful. Here they are: 

(Doran) Sparkly Butterflies (2EA)

Butterfly tattoos are popular among women because their designs are very beautiful and colorful compared to other designs, so they are a good design to give a feminine appearance. The butterfly tattoos from Doran Tattooist have cute and vibrant color that will look pretty to apply on the hand, shoulder and any other places. 

(Doran) Under Water Friends (2EA)

Here is another tattoo from Doran, the sea animal creatures look so cute and adorable. This will catch people attention the most when we apply in the open area of our skin as it has pretty vibrant color. 

(Doran) Blue Moon on The Mountain & Romantic Cat (2EA)

This design reminds me about Sailor Moon XD. The cat sits on the moon is super adorable and I do really love the color of this tattoo. 

(Haesi) Spring and Summer Butterflies (2EA)

Another Butterfly tattoo, but this one comes in a pastel color (pink&blue). The color is not too vibrant, so It doesn’t show up on the camera but in real it’s super pretty and  cute. 

(242) Nan Chun – Glowing Spring (2EA)

This is the only black tattoo that I choose. I love the flower and abstract designs; they look simple but sweet and romantic. I always adore pretty flower design. 

That’s all of the tattoos I got from FreakyNine. What do you think? Anw if you are interested to try and buy, go check their website now, there are on sale and they offer free shipping on order over $34.

Wear everything with your best women dresses to look more stunning after applying this pretty and cute tattoos.