Monday, January 20, 2020


Hi everyone, I'd like to share my 2nd blog collab with my blogger friend from . Bunch of thanks and love to Christin, thanks for caring and supporting me all this time at my sad and happy time T.T For me, she isnt only friend, she is more like sister to me :) . 

And this year finally we will met in person, we plan to have vacation together next month. Cant wait to have so much fun with her.

This time, she sent me a bunch of skincares, snacks and stationaries.


As usual, mostly are from Korean brand I never tried before. But it makes me so excited to try them and see how they will work on me. 

I think she knew that I love wearing sheet mask these recent days. She sent me so much mask, and Im so excited to try them on, especially the Mediheal X BT21 mask. 

This hand cream and perfume are pretty cute and have nice sent. I love this kind of scent ( sorry I cant describe scent well T.T )

I got some samples too. 


The candies probably is my favorite.


I got sticker, mirror, and keychain with Korean Tradition theme. As I mention on my 1st collaboratio tht I start journaling, so Im really happy to get another stationary supplies on our 2nd collab.

I also got earrings, super pretty. The design is really chic and fancy. 

Hope you enjoy this post. I will post more often next time, not only about cosmetics/skincare review, I will post about my favorite things and cute places I ever visit. What do you think about it?

See yaa on my next post

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Hi everyone, as you can read from the title, here I would like to recommend some gifts for the upcoming valentine day. It would be a good idea to buy the gift earlier for our love one, right?

You can directly visit to find yor favorie kind of jewelry on their website. It is an online jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. They get profesional designer team who turn name and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry. All of their products come with good quality by using the lastest jewelry making technology.

We can engrave name or initial of our love one in the jewelry, it can be couple rings or necklace. We can get a personalized jewelry there. Here are some of birthstone rings that I recommend for the valentine gift.

This memory ring represents the angel of the infinite guard. Engraved your and your love initials in this ring as a couple ring for valentine gift would be so lovely.

This can be one of a kind beautiful gift for women. The large cage size allows space for up to 8 heart birthstones to make the ring become more special. To be more extra, you can engrave feeling words than just an initial inside the ring.

Let your partner feel the love everyday by seeing this heart ring. This double heart ring is designed to make us and our partners' hearts closely connected. As usual we can personalize and add initial to be more special .

Now there are some promotions and sale on their web. There will be up to 50% off also extra 12% off for valentine's day sale. Its free worldwide shipping on order over $150.


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^