Friday, May 31, 2019


Sneakers, wedges, gladiator, flat, sandal or loafers? which one is your most favorite footwear? There are so many kind of shoes that we need to wear in every different occasions. I'd love to wear pump shoes or high heels for more formal event.And prefer sneakers or flat shoes when I go traveling, as they are more comfortable to wear. 

As Ramadhan approach its end, most of us wanna buy new clothing for celebrating Eid. The hard thing is to find the perfect shoes that will match well for our outfit. Here today I would love to share some leather shoes recommendation for Eid outfit.

So , today for all of you who are craving for the latest trend of shoes collection, I wold love to introduce you to NEWCHIC.COM. Its an online fashion store which offers us the latest style of fashion clothing globally. They also hold a Ramadhan sale up to 50% discount on their web now. 

Latest trend style is waterproof ( leather skin) shoes/ sandals. Many kind of pretty women water sandal collections available at this store. As we wanna look casual yet trendy , we can match our outfit with flat slip on shoes/ sandals. Choose the most comfortable material and fashionable design.

One of their most popular shoes brand at is Socofy shoes. They have such a unique and fashionable women shoes style. They bring high quality, comfy ,fashionable and skin friendly shoes. Here I chose some beautiful shoes from their collections. 

All collection from Socofy are mostly made of high quality leather. I do really love the floral design, i look so pretty and elegant to wear on Eid. Many good reviews are written about Socofy, they said that they are pretty comfy and trendy. 

Another options for Eid's outfit, we can try to wear comfortable leather women penny loafers. To achieve casual and comfortable look, this can be a great choice. As we will go around many places to visit during Eid. 

If you wanna look different and stand out most on Eid, you can also try to wear leather lace up gladiator sandals. It will make us look fashionable wearing this kind of gladiator shoes/ sandals. There are many collection of gladiators at to choose. 

Or we can just wear a trendy sandals for less formal look. Choosing women walking sandal is the safest way for Eid outfit. As it will be super comfy to wear, and leather sandal will still make us look gorgeous in many way. Match best also with gamis or skinny jeans.

That all of my leather footwear recommendation for Eid outfit. Anw leather footwear also perfect to wear on all occasion , formal or nonformal. You can check their web , to find your favorite shoes. As there is a big ramadhan coupon discount available there. So dont miss it ^^ . 

Semoga bisa jadi inspirasi buat yang masih berburu outfit lebaran yah. Model alas kaki kulit gini jg oke buat daily maupun ke acara acara formal kok ^^

Monday, May 27, 2019


Charis launched their own new product Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream. They also have the mask as well for M+ Madecassosaid Cica line products. I was so excited to try this after knowing that I got chance to try this cream. 


It comes in squeeze aluminium tube and carton box as an outter packaging. The M+ Madecassoside Cica cream is available in 2 size choices: 30ml and 50ml. 

The hole is quiet small, so we can maintain how much product that we need. We need to a lil bit careful when squeezing the tube, as its an aluminum tube so we cant form it back just like a plastic tube. But its so easy as well to take the cream out from the tube. So a lil bit rest assure about taking too much the cream out.  The 30ml size is very travel friendly, so we can bring the cream everywhere in our makeup pouch. 

All information about the products are written in Korean and English. So its very useful for us who cant understand Korean. 


Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream is a multi high tech solution for sensitive skin: Clarifying, Lifting, Relaxing and Moisturizing. 

This cream contains Madecassoside and Centela Asiatic Leaf Extract, which boost antioxidant activity at the site of wound, strenghtening the skin and increasing blood circulation. This also good for reducing acnes and scars aswell. The Centela Asiatic Leaf extract also provides delicate hydration and moisturization effect to sensitive skin damage from external stimulation

This cream also contains 58% tiger leaf extract  which is an absolute solution for any skin trouble and helps immediate calming even for sensitive skin. The tiger leaf extract basically stimulate cell growth so the skin can renewing by itself faster. It can help treat skin trouble conditions like eczema, sensitive skin and acne. 


This is an all in one cream that can be used for eyes, neck , face and other body parts. This can be used as a calming cream ( soothes the skin ), repairing ( repairs the balance of skin and recover damage skin ) and  clarifying cream ( make skin clear and bright ).   

I've been using this cream for more than a week. I do really love how this cream super moisturizes my skin face. It leaves my skin super moist all the day especially on the area around my eyes. Before my eyes are were super dry since I didn't use any eye skincare. But now I'm super glad that this cream can repair my damage skin around my eyes area. 


It has soft creamy and light texture, so its really easy to spread on all around the skin. It naturally soaks into the skin and doesn't leaves any sticky feelings. 

As I already mention above, this cream can be used for neck, face and moisturizer cream. 
  1. Take an appropriate amount of the cream, spread all over the face and neck evenly.
  2. Gently massage until the cream fully absorbed. 

As the cream is super hydrating and moisturizing, I'm only using this cream as a single skincare before makeup when in a hurry.

Here is my Fresh Peach Makeup Tutorial.

Overall, super love this cream as a moisturizer. I can used this as my am and pm skincare routines as well. 


Name of the product: 
M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream 

Where to buy: 

Rp 242.000 / around 17$

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Find difficult to buy kids clothing? Yea I do the same somehow. For me who is too busy with my work and dont have much time to roam around the shopping mall, online store become my life saver. Not only clothing for me, sometimes I need to buy clothes for my cute nieces as well. Because I cant resist looking my nieces wearing cute clothes XD.  

So for all of you who has the same problem as me, I would recommend a kids fashion online sore : POPREAL.COM . Its an online fashion boutique for newborn babies, toddlers , kids clohing and accessories. They provide more than 1 thousand of trendy kids fashion clothes with originality, high quality and exclusively. Its glad knowing there is an online store provides truly safe and healthy products for baby. They also offer free worldwide shipping on order over $69.

Everytime I visit their website, I completely mesmerize by the cute kids fashion collections there haha. I just love all the princes dresses a their website. 

Not only pretty dresses, we can also find many adorable toddler girl jackets and matching outfit there. Sometimes I prefer to buy jacket rather than just a casual clothes as jacket can be worn more often. But always make sure to consider the comfortableness of the clothes everytime we want to buy baby clothes.

Matching outfit would be a great idea to wear on special occasion event to go. Or you can wear them for a family photoshot maybe. Isnt so cute to wear couple outfits with your kids? Yeah its super cute and adorable everytime I see family wearing matching outfits. I think i should have one in the future with my kids haha. 

I hope this post can help you to find or to get the best experience in buying kids fashion through online website. Dont forget to check their website to find the latest trend for baby clothes, also the hold some flash sale there. Have a nice day everyone and see yaa on my next post. Bye Bye ~~ >3<)/

Friday, May 17, 2019


Who dont love going to the beach here? I think most of you love to enjoy walking at the beach and capture some special moments at the beach. I have a lot of friends who took their pre wedding photographs at the beach. So today Im going to share some beach outfits to all of you.

I chose some items from OMNIFEVER.COM , they are a global fashion online store. They offered many kind of lates fashion apparel with affordable prices and mostly are on sale now. You can get their collection easily because they served worldwide shipping.

Personally I just love to wear top and short everytime I go to the beach. A bunch of pretty fashion tops for women are on sale a Choose a patchwork top and pair it with short pants would be perfect as beach outfit. Or wear a playsuit or short jumpsui o make it simple.

Dont forget to bring your bikini or swimsuit if you have plan to enjoy water splash of the wave at the beach. Or wanna enjoy sun bathing.

Chose comfortable footwear, since we are going to walk around the beach. So, I suggest wearing sandals. We can find many sandals on sale at I choose this pretty flat sandal, wih flowers details along the lace. 

At last dont forget to bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to lessen the sun exposure. 
So whats is your favorite beach outfits? share with me in the comment below ^^. See yaa on my next post ^^ ~


Searching for first dating outfit recommendation? yeah you are at the right place. So, today I wanna share some outfits idea to wear for our first date or celebrate special day with our boyfriends. Most women wanna catch attentions from their first meeting/ dating with their boyfriends. No wonder, the first thing that all women most care about is the outfit to wear. Here I choose some pretty bodycon dresses that will make us look pretty and charming in front of our boyfriends. 

Before that i wanna introduce you to a great online fashion store MAXININA.COM. I got alot of pretty dresses inspiration from their store. Maximina is a global women apparel online store. They have thousand of different style apparel with affordable prices. They also offer free worldwide shipping on order over $79. 

If we wanna look simple yet still charming, I suggest you to choose black or white bodycon dress. Here I choose a summer skater dress, that will perfect for first dating day. With a simple dress, we can pair it with some accessories as well like necklace and drop earring. It will give us a pure and natural look as well.

Floral bodycon dress can be another option to choose for first dating option. We can be looked cute and sexy at the same time. Make sure dont wear too much accessories. Since the floral pattern become the main focus for our outfit. pair it with high heel will be perfect. 

Another favorite dress is lace dress. Somehow it gives innocent and cute looking everytime Im wearing lace dresses. 

That all of my favorite dresses.  Hope it can help you to choose perfect first date. Or you can go to their website o find your favorite dresses.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


So today Im going to recommend 3 outfits idea to wear on Eid Fitr Day. First of all, I wanna say happy fasting to all of you in this Ramadhan. Eid Fitr is around the corner, so usually we will prepare some new clothes to wear on that special day as moslems. As women , its getting complicated when choosing the perfect  outfit. I do the same 😂😂 haha. 

wah ga nyangka lebaran sebentar lagi ya 😂 uda pada siapin baju lebaran belum nih? nah kali ini aku mau share beberapa ide outfit yg bisa dipake buat lebaran nanti 

So I found an affordable online clothing store : SELAROS.COM . Selaros is a global online store that delivers the latest fashion apparel. They have dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes and bag. They also offer free worldwide shipping on order over $69.


Since I always like to wear pretty and cute clothes, so I chose some cute items to create the outfit. At selaros we can find or buy many cute cheap dresses online

I choose the cute dress coz it has adorable style. It will get along well with cute pump shoes or flat shoes. 


Here sometimes we wanna look simple yet pretty on special day. Coz we should go from one place to another place to meet and greet everyone.  So here I chose a simple blouse at There are many adorable women's fashion blouses there to chose. 

The blouse looks simple but it has unique and pretty sleeves design. We can pair the blouse with cullotes or long pants.


If u wanna look glam and classy , here I chose outfits that can you try to wear. To look classy we can just only wear long dress with simple design. And pair the dress with high heels to make us look taller too. 

Thats all of the inspired outfits for celebrating Ied Fitr. Hope you like it. See yaa on my next post :)