Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hii~ everyone. Today I wanna share my haul from , last time I ever shared my taobao haul along with my testerkorea haul ( review here ). So this time Im going to share my another taobao haul. Since I will shop at Taobao again next time, I decided to make haul in several parts. 

There are so many cute thing I want at taobao haha. but this time I just bought few cute items and fashion. So here they are ^^~

Waterproof PVC Shelf Adhesive Wallpaper Sticker

Actually there is a shop near my home that sold pvc wallpaper but the paterns are not many and boring. I want a vintage flower patern for my wallpaper then I found it at the Since the only problem of shopping at taobao is the shipping fee , I just bought only 1 roll wallpaper ( 45cm X 5m ). And I really love when it come XD its not only can be used as wallpaper but also for other decorating such as for table , fridge , background waredrobe and ect.  Sadly I only bought 5m long so I will purchase for another rolls next time. Im planning to use it as my bedroom wallpaper XD.

Pack Cloth Sponge Fabric Hanger

Another cute flowery item that I bought from taobao, yeah cloth hangers haha. I need them to hang my cute dresses. Since I dunno the quality I only bought 1 set ( 5 pieces ). There are many patterns available but the pattern tht I want was out of stock so I only got this.

Harajuku Soft Sailor Moon Tee

This tee is really cute tho its not in good quality but Im satisfied enough with this. Im planning to repurchase the chibi moon version next time.

Taiwan Handmade False Eyelash mixed Upper and Lower Lashes
Box 10 pairs 

Bought this for my cosplay property, actually I wanna buy only the upper eyelashes but I think that the mixed set is really valuable rather than only upper or lower only. The price is affordable also. There are 6 pairs upper eyelashes and 4 pairs lower eyelashes. They are easy to use and reuseable till 3 times.  Sorry for the incomplete pairs, I already used them haha.
Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Cable Protector

It hasnt really popular here but I found it really cute and want it for my phone's charger cable. I dont find any shop that sell cable protector so I bought it at

These are another choices, everything is so cute and I wanna buy them all haha. ( pic from web )

Gudetama Glasses Case

Recently Im tired of using circle lenses, then I bought new glasses since I got new prescription for both my eyes. I chose this lazy egg for my glasses haha XD gudetama is really cute.

Cute Cotton Fabrics

I like to shop fabrics XD its such heaven when I found so many cute fabrics that I cant find here. I bought this cute cat fabrics for my pillow case.  Next time I wanna buy another cute pattern to make cute dresses.

 pic from web

Child Princess Skirt Tutu Dress

picture from web

I bought this for my niece, I know tht she love this kind of dress. I was really amaze how good the quality of the dress is. I love the lace and the tutu part. It really looks pretty on her. Its definitely the same with the promotional pic on the web.

So thats all my taobao haul. Im still waiting for my another taobao order to come and going to review them also soon.


See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~

Sunday, December 25, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : The Face Shop Soul Perfume Kakao Friends Edition #Promise Ring ( Apeach )

Merry Xmas everyone XD May your day full of happiness today. Recently I become more tired and lazy to write review haha. But since it almost long holiday, I push myself to be more productive this month. Today I wanna share about my favorite perfume from The Face Shop X Kakao Friends.

Actually I had bought this about few months ago but already used this for a month. And I really love it.
Last time The face shop made collaboration with Kakao Friends, and I bought the Soul perfume along with the Lip creamer ( will review them soon ). There are 4 types : Sweet Kiss (Muzi ), Promise Ring ( Apeach ), Secret Blossom ( Neo ), Essential For Men ( Frodo ). I bought the Promise ring since I love Apeach so much ahaha. Bought this from Testerkorea.

Awww even the box is really adorable, I cant throw it away haha. too cute XD hahaha.

The packaging has some information about the product in korean and english.

And thing  that catch my attention the most is the Apeach behind the box. As if he is peeping from behind the box XD . 

Awww I cant ressist cute packaging, since Apeach is my favorite character from Kakao Friends so I need to buy this. Look how lovely Apeach is!!! that a** face haha.

It comes in a clear glass bottle with Apeach sticker on it. Sadly it only sticker attached on the bottle, It would be better if it printed instead of only sticker.  Anw I really love the Apeach emoticon with the flower crown as if she become a pretty yet cute bride. haha 

Since it only 30ml, the bottle is quiet small  and slim but heavy. Im a little bit afraid at first to bring this everywhere. Im afraid if I accidentally broke it haha. So I decide to keep it at home.

It has soft floral scent, it gives soft and girlish impression. It also depicting the romantic Apeach. 

Top note – Butter Orange, Peach, and Grape Fruit.
Middle note – Jasmine, Rose, and Magnolia.
Base note – Amber, White Musk. 

The scent can last up to 8~10 hours. So sometime I dont need to respray it. 

Overall I really love this perfume, the scent is long lasting and really represent me ( soft and girly personality ). haha. The cute bottle is also travel friendly so you can bring it everywhere but for me I will just keep it at my dressing table haha. I would definitely repurchase this ( but in ordinary packaging ㅠ.ㅠ since it already dc for the Kakao Friends edition )

If you really fond for sweet and soft floral scent. You should try this out. ^^~ 

Love : 

♡ cute packaging 
♡ long last
♡ sweet and soft floral scent 

Hate :

☆ Limited edition for Kakao Friens packaging

Sorry if the editing pic bothering you XD I like to edit my pic with this filter recently haha. It makes me look so cute with teary eyes haha. 

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Monday, December 12, 2016

[ HAUL ] : TesterKorea Mini Haul

hi.....hari ini mau share mini haulku dr testerkorea. Belakangan ini lg males nulis review dan poto2 produk haha. Tiap hari ujan, cuaca mendung jd hasil poto gak maksimal. Padahal niatnya mau rajin ngeblog bulan ini ㅠㅠ. 

Untungnya paket dr Testeskorea datang XD jd bisa bikin haul post dulu. haha. Ga tau kenapa semenjak TK yang tadinya pake Ecargo diganti sama Rincos, shippingnya jd agak lamaa. Jadi berasa ikut Po sebulanan baru sampe ㅠㅠ. Ada jg yg salah kirim .brng punya temen q. Sial bgt bulan ini sama po po yang ak pake. 

Bulan ini ak g belanja banyak di TK.  lagi g butuh bnyk sih, sebagian barang yg ak pngen jg lagi OOS jadi cuma beli beberapa barang aja. 

Holika Holika Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB ( Gudetama Edition ) 

Nemu ini pas di sale. haha lumayan yang harganya ₩22.900 jadi ₩18.320 uda dapat bonus refill sma puff di dalamnya. Awalnya sempet bingung, mau beli yg case aja + refill ( Gudetama edisi terbaru ). Untung pas ada yg diskon  jadi ambil ini. haha. Aku pilih case no 2 shade #21. Case nya lucuu bangetttt >3<)////

PERIPERA Peri's Ink Velvet #7 Dollish Beige Rose

Dari dulu uda ngincer pngen beli Ink Velvet dari peripera ini. Shade yang baru warnanya cakep cakep banget susah milihnya XD. Coba beli satu dulu kalo formulanya cocok si bibirku ntar mau purchase yg shade lain XD. 

BBIA Last Lip Mouse #5

Mumpung pas lg diskon dan lagi pengen coba purple shade. Belum pernah pake lippen ungu sebelumnya >3<)/ haha semoga cocok yah. 

ARITAUM Mascara Brow Idol

Sebel bgt, padahal ak ordernya yg Aritaum Style Pop Browcara tp TK salah kirim yg Brow Idol. Udah komplen sih tapi belum ada tanggapan ㅠㅠ Lipstick punya tmn q jg salah kirim, padahal biasanya jarang bgt ada problem gini tiap beli di testerkorea. 

ARITAUM Matte Formula Eye Brow Pencil #Lightbrown. 

Canmake eyebrow powderku habis, jadi mau coba pake pencil eyebrow. Karena agak susah ngebentuk alis pake brow powder. Trus liat di Korean beauty youtuber ada yg pake ini kok bagus. Kena racun deh haha. 

Kayaknya bakal ngepake smua barang di atas. Jadi tunggu reviewnya yahh haha.


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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Casual Sweatshirt from StyleWe

Hi everyone ^^ today post Im just going to share my favorite sweatshirt from StyleWe. Todays weather is really cold outside, so please everyone don't be getting sick this season by wearing warm clothes and drink plenty of water.

You can shop at StyleWe to find your favorite clothes. StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent designers around the world. They committed to provide us with original, high quality, and exclusive product from their designers.

So I found some inspiring casual sweatshirt to wear. Here are some of my choices: 

Thats all of my favorite, click here to shop summer sweatshirts. You can find ur favorite sweatshirt there. 

See yaaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Favorite Outfit from Fashionmia

What is your favorite kind of clothing? Mine is flowery pattern and lace clothes haha XD. My closet is full of flowers and lace clothing. I'm a cheerful and a feminine type, so I'm really carving to that kind of stuffs. Everything that looks cute and lovely is my favorite outfit for my everyday wear.

Today I wanna share an awesome fashion clothing online to all of you. FashionMia is online fashion clothing for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing. FashionMia offers the following categories for your shopping pleasure: women's dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, plus size and outerwear. Every clothing from formal, casual, and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect one for every occasion. They ship worldwide and offer free hipping for order more than $79.

There are so many cute dresses I found there. Im very surprised with all of the collection clothing there. It is so affordable woman's fashion clothing online store. So I pick some cute and cheap dresses as my favorite outfit from  FashionMia.

Stunning Sheer Lace Vintage Skater-dress

Stunning Sheer Lace Vintage Skater-dres 

 This lace dress is my favorite, its really pretty and stunning. It would be perfect to wear to a party and steal everyone's attention. 

Slash Neck Plain Long-sleeve-t-shirts Slash Neck Plain Long-sleeve-t-shirts

This top looks really cute and lovely. It would be really nice to pair it with a mini tutu skirt. You can get a lovely and elegant looks with this outfit ^^. 

Floral Printed Patchwork Vintage Bowknot Classical Round Neck Skater Dress  Floral Printed Patchwork Vintage Bowknot Classical Round Neck Skater Dress

I really love the floral pattern on this dress. Its really pretty tho the dress is pretty simple. I'd be really happy to wear this vintage floral dress. 

Plaid Printed Lovely Boat Neck Skater-dress Plaid Printed Lovely Boat Neck Skater-dress

Another simple dress but looks really cute. The Plaid pattern make it looks lovely to wear. I really like the back part.

That all of my favorite dresses from FashionMia. Get the great clothes you deserve at the prices you need.  They are the affordable way to keep your style on trend year round.

See yaaa~~~~ on my next post ^^